Scam invitations to non-existent conferences
#273280 by Brooks Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:54 am
4th Annual International Conference on Science, Climate Change, Energy, Water and Environmental Resources Management (ICSCEW - 2016).

This Conference Scam is the (NON-EXISTENT) 4th Annual International Conference on Science, Climate Change, Energy, Water and Environmental Resources Management (ICFEHEW 2015) being presented 16th - 21st January, 2016, London. The fake "Conference Secretary" is Dr. Orlando Tales of the FAKE Environmental and Energy Experts - email [email protected]

This scam promises free conference fees and reimbursed airline ticket fees in exchange for paying for a hotel room at a hotel THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Victims pay money and NEVER RECEIVE THE CONFERENCE FEES OR ARLINE TICKET REIMBURSEMENT!!!

This fake conference is "scheduled" to be held 16 -21 January, 2016. Final Paper Submissions are "due" 23rd November, 2015.


From: Environmental and Energy Experts
Date: 10/26/2015 04:19 AM
Subject: Call For Paper(s) - ICSCEW 2016
To: [email protected]
4th Annual International Conference on Science, Climate Change, Energy, Water and Environmental Resources management (ICSCEW - 2016) How to gain competitive advantage: 16th - 21st January, 2016, London.

Conference Focus

The Environmental and Energy Experts Conference is for people with an interest in and concern for, scientific, policy and strategic perspectives in Climate change, Renewable energy, Flood control, Safe Agricultural practices, Health, Water and Environmental resources management. It will address a range of critically important themes relating to the vexing question of Climate change, Flood and Economy, role of science and technology on climate change mitigation, ozone layer depletion and biodiversity. Plenary speakers will include some of the world's leading thinkers in the fields of Climatology, Renewable Energy and Environmental science, as well as numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by researchers and practitioners.

We are inviting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquies. Virtual participation is available for those who are unable to attend the conference in person. Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas must be discussed with the conference secretary for approval. A limited number of Access Grant Award will be granted to Participating Delegates attending the conference to cover per diem, and travel insurance.


*Agriculture * Engineering * Science *Climate change *Flood and flood control *Ozone Layer Depletion and implication * Renewable Energy * Alternative fuels and sustainability *Flood and Flood Control *Air Pollution and Public Health *Effects of air pollution on public health *Sources of air pollution *Air pollution monitoring and modeling *Air pollution prevention and control *Urban/indoor air pollution and control *Air quality measurement and management *Global Water Resources and air pollution * Landslides and Hurricane management

Other topics related to water pollution: *Water Quality and Public Health:*Purification of drinking-water supplies * Erosion and Erosion control *Treatment, disposal and discharge of waste-water *New waste-water treatment technologies *Methods of monitoring water quality *Modeling and measuring of water pollution *New water purification technologies *Ground water pollution control *Water resources and quality assessment *Water resource protection and sustainable use *Hydro-biology and water pollution.

Conference Registration: All presenters are expected to register online once their abstract is accepted. Registration is free of charge for delegates from developing countries. Also free flight ticket, travel insurance, visa fees and per diem to be provided for all paper presenters and participating delegates.

Proposal Submission Deadlines for 2016 Conference

Proposals are reviewed in phases and may be submitted any time up to the final deadline. Proposals for In-Person presentations submitted prior to the Interim Deadlines are given special guarantees and considerations. Proposal for an In-Person presentation received at the Final Submission Deadline will be given a place in the conference program, but requests for session types, presentation times, or thematic grouping may not be guaranteed.

Dates to note:
23rd November, 2015 - Deadline for abstract submission
10th December, 2015 - Notification of acceptance
31st December, 2015 - Deadline for full paper submission
16th - 21st January, 2016 - Conference dates

Conveners: Environmental and Energy Experts: 33, Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green, London, N22 6JU, UK.

For more information about the ideas and themes underlying this conference, online registration, accommodation, access grants scholar award and venue, please contact:

Dr. Orlando Tales
Conference Secretary,
Environmental and Energy Experts,
Email: [email protected]
33, Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green, London, N22 6JU, UK.

#274453 by Brooks Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:56 am
The following fake websites are being used in support of this scam. They are in the process of being suspended.

The fake conference does not exist. The fake hotel does not exist. - 4th Annual International Conference on Science, Climate Change, Energy, Water and Environmental Resources Management (ICSCEW - 2016).

The following contact information is provided:

Prof. Luke Gordon
Dr. Orlando Tales
Phone: +447024098220, Fax: 07024087840
Email: [email protected]
33, Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green, London, N22 6JU, UK

The fake hotel website - - Ringslade Hotels and Suites.

The following contact information is provided:

Rose Gates
[email protected]
The Broadway, Wood Green, London, SW19 1QB, UK
Tel: +447024018280
#274710 by AlanJones Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:43 pm
From: Orlando Tales - [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Environmental and Energy Experts Conference. Being the 4th annual conference organized by Environmental and Energy Experts to be held in London, this year’s event will focus on innovations and challenges in Agriculture, Science, Water and Environmental resources management, Health, Energy, Climate Change and their respective economic impacts. All participants whose first language is not English will be provided with language translators as the official language of the conference is English and French. We are providing free registration for delegates from developing countries. Also free flight ticket (once your visa is approved), visa fees (on your directive, we can help process your visa for timely approval) and per diem to be provided for few paper presenters and participating delegates. You are further advised to submit an abstract (not less than 100 words to this email) on topic relating to the conference theme for evaluation (topics outside the conference theme but within the scope of Environmental Management, Agriculture, Food Security, Technology, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Health can also be considered). You will be furnished with further details about the event (including official conference website and venue for early registration, visa processing start-up, access grant application and accommodation booking) once your abstract is accepted.

Please see below for more on themes:

Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental dynamics
Atmospheric physics
Physical oceanography
Global environmental change and ecosystems management
Climate and climatic changes
Global warming
Ozone layer depletion
Carbon capture and storage
Integrated ecosystems management
Satellite applications in the environment
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering
Habitat reconstruction
Biodiversity conservation
Landscape degradation and restoration
Ground water remediation
Soil decontamination
Environmental sustainability
Resource management
Life cycle analysis
Environmental systems approach
Renewable sources of energy-energy savings
Clean technologies
Sustainable cities
Health and the Environment
Health related organisms
Hazardous substances and detection techniques
Biodegradation of hazardous substances
Toxicity assessment and epidemiological studies
Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring
Indoor air pollution
Water resources and river basin management
Regulatory practice, water quality objectives standard setting, water quality classification
Public participation
Economic instruments
Modelling and decision support tools
Institutional development
Transboundary cooperation
Management and regulation of point and diffuse pollution
Monitoring and analysis of environmental contaminant
Ground water management*
Wastewater and sludge treatment
Nutrients removal
Suspended and fixed film biological processes
Anaerobic treatment
Process modelling
Sludge treatment and reuse
Fate of hazardous substances
Industrial wastewater treatment
Advances in biological, physical and chemical processes
On site and small scale systems
Storm-water management
Air pollution and control
Emission sources
Atmospheric modelling and numerical prediction
Interaction between pollutants
Control technologies
Air emission trading
Solid waste management
Waste minimization
Optimization of collection systems
Recycling and reuse
Waste valorization
Technical aspects of treatment and disposal methods (landfilling, thermal treatment etc)
Leachate treatment
Legal, economic and managerial aspects of solid waste management
Management of hazardous solid waste
Water treatment and reclamation
Advanced treatment of water and secondary effluents (membranes, adsorption, ion exchange, oxidation etc)
Disinfection and disinfection by- products
Management of water treatment residuals*
Aesthetic quality of drinking water (taste, odors)
Effect of distribution systems on potable water quality
Reuse of reclaimed waters.

Wish you luck as you make your submission.

Dr. Orlando Tales,
Conference Secretary.
Phone: +447024097464 Fax - 07024087840

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Country of Origin: United States
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Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#274966 by Brooks Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:03 am
Two new websites have been put up to support this scam:

The following contact information is provided:

Prof. Gabriel Jones
Environmental and Energy Experts
Phone: +447024086196
Fax: 07024028039
Email: [email protected]
47, Goodge Street, West Central, London, W1T 4LY, UK

The following contact information is provided:

Jennifer Maines
Harley Hotels and Suites
Email: [email protected]
Harley Street, London, West Central, London, W1G 9BR, UK
Phone: +447024059221

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