Scam invitations to non-existent conferences
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Dear Sir/Madam,

The Board of the National Institutes of Health and Human Welfare Development here in United States (NIHHWD) and the Organizing Committee of the upcoming International Conference on Economic Crises, Violence and Human Welfare have the honor to invite you to participate in our event to be held on the 17th to 20th of July 2012 here in Washington DC United States and from 23rd to 27th of July 2012 in Madrid Spain.

In accepting our invitation, please contact the head of secretary via Email: [email protected] [links to ] for more information regarding to your registration. According to the standards of processing of traveling document, the organizing committee of the conference meeting is responsible to provide air ticket and visa processing to participate in both phase of the conference meeting.

You are to contact the secretary immediately for registration.

Ms. Tracy Anthony Davis.
Email: [email protected] [links to ]

Questions about scams? fraudatiocruor @ to contact remove spaces

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