Scam invitations to non-existent conferences
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You are invited to an international global combined conference against
Child abuse/Racism and human trafficking.The conference is been organized
by the human rights and social welfare organization, the (H.R.W.O) also
known as human rights world organization in collaboration with the UNDP
United Arab Emirates & the American electric power AEP.

These events will take place from 3rd - 7th of March 2014 in the
(Dubai Banquet Hall. Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and
the second phase will take place from 10th - 14th March 2014 in the
(Chauncey Conference Center. New Jersey, United States of America)

My name is Michael Thomas, a staff of {H.R.W.O} chosen to invite participants
from different countries.

So therefore, If you are interested in participating and you want to
represent your country to be in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & UNITED ARAB
EMIRATES for this two events, Kindly write an email to the [H.R.W.O] which is the Organizing commitee, Please inform them that you are invited by the Sec.General Mr Michael Thomas.


The HRWO organizing committee and donor sponsor's will take full
responsibility of all registered participants VISA arrangements for the
United arab Emirates {UAE} & United States of America {USA} which also includes your
round trip AIR TICKETS to both events.

Write your interest comment to the H.R.W.O email contact in bracket below as mentioned Earlier

Hrwo Email contact :{ [email protected] }
Michael Thomas.
Hrwo Sec.Gen

Please DO NOT tell a scammer that he has been posted here!

If you wish you can email me at
faizandocherty @ scamwarners [dot] com

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