Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#121052 by Yham Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:52 am
i really thought it was true as they send picture .. 4 pictures of their so called family, they even send out a contract, good thing i am a call center agent uk based mobile company. the number and the post code/adress they are using is invalid. we are in the process of contacting the uk attorney officer and they are so willing to shoulder everything.... and maybe that is the person who will ask money to process the this and that.

32D Linton Hill, Radlett,
Hertfordshire, AL34 9AB London,
United Kingdom

We wish to inform you that after talking to my wife, we have decided to employ you. I am attaching herewith a Contract/Invitation Letter for you to go through. If you accept, you would have to sign and date at the bottom and send a scanned copy to me via e mail as attachment.

Also regarding the procurement of your traveling papers, we wish to inform you that you need to contact the UK Border Office attorney Barrister Lillian Darwin as she will help you with your traveling documents procurement as we have already intimated her on this matter, her full contact is furnished below:

Name: Barrister Lillian Darwin (Mrs)
Designation: UK Boarder Office Attorney.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +447031859861.

So regarding this matter, you are advised to contact her with the signed contract letter and we will also be going to her office as soon as possible to do what is required from our side. Send her an email with a copy of the signed contract letter and she will get back to you with the needed requirements for the procurement of your traveling papers and also bear in mind that we will be taking care of the expenses for all your traveling papers procurement.

Also do not forget to tell her the date you will be coming and where you will like to fly from so that we can book a flight for that date.

You can always give me a call anytime on +447024021613.

Anticipating your arrival soonest.

Mr & Mrs Richard Bradford
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +447024021613

RICHARD BRADFORD'S CONTRACT LETTER.doc( attachement is contract)

#121186 by Chris Fuller Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:01 am
Hello Yham, and welcome to ScamWarners. Thank you for posting this scam.

Yes, you are correct, the scammer - probably through the fake Attorney - would instruct you that there is a fee to pay or that a Western Union or MoneyGram transfer must be made to prove that you have 'sufficient funds'. All money that is sent or transferred would then be stolen from you.

Au pair scammers frequently pretend that they will pay for many travelling expenses. In reality, the fake host family does not have an au pair position to offer to anyone, and nobody will ever travel to become their au pair. Everything is invented, and the same scammer sends the emails from both the fake host family and the fake lawyer. Sometimes they will also introduce other fake people - maybe a travel agent, an immigration official, or a previous au pair, and the same scammer will send the emails from all these invented people too.

The telephone numbers for both the fake host family and the fake attorney are not normal UK telephone numbers. All telephone numbers which begin with +4470 are 'redirect' numbers, which redirect all calls to a mobile phone in another country. The majority of au pair scammers are really living in Nigeria (they just pretend to live in the UK, USA, or other countries), and the +4470 telephone numbers redirect the calls to their mobile phones in Nigeria.

Please stop all contact with this scammer, now that you know that it is a scam. Scammers are criminals, and you don't want to continue writing to a criminal!

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