Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#111696 by Chris Fuller Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:32 am
This is not a genuine childcare opportunity; it is a scam.

From: wastson8[email protected]

Hello ,

How are you?

I will like to see your resume(c.v)
You are welcome to my home here in the UK, but what i really need is
someone who can take care of kids.Actually I need two nannies.Truly,I
need a foreign Nanny either male or female .I knew that there are a
lot of Nannies in UK here but is just that i need a Nanny from outside
that is caring,loving,motherly care and well determined that can take
good care of my kids for me .Hopefully you will be my kid's Nanny and
do according to your words.

Me and my wife were married for Eighteen years who later died in an
Automobile accident.I don't play with my kids at all because they are
the apples of my eyes,i worked because of them and i can pay so much
on them. My advice to you is that you should be involved in Part of
the expenses to reach here in United Kingdom and i shall be
responsible for refund for every expenses made by you immediately you
get here. Why I said so is that i have paid for 2 Nannies in the past
months which they did not come to my home but went to somewhere else
and that is why I vowed that any Nannies that i will employ,will be
involved in part of the expenses,just for me to be sure that you will
not do like the past Nannies and you are ready to work with my family
here in UK because I don't want someone who don't care about kids
because i cherish my kids a lot.I will give you assistance in the

The total cost of securing papers (UK VISA, WORK PERMIT, and UK
IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) is 2650 Pounds Sterling. So I will Shoulder
2450 Pounds while you will shoulder 200 Pounds Sterling. Hope you are
OK with this. I will be responsible for your air ticket.

The reasons why I wanted you shouldering that amount is:
:Due to the signed agreement I have with the British consulate office
due to what the other nannies I shouldered every expenses for did to
me by going to another direction...I thought the travel agency had
deals with I charged the matter to the British consulate
office here in London but later discovered that the travel agency
never had deals with them.

At this point I was made to sign an agreement that any nanny I will
employ as a foreigner will be involved in the expenses but will be
refunded back his or her money immediately she him or her arrives UK
here in London.

Hope you are OK with this.
The British consulate office told me they will compensate me by
approving visa and papers to any application of nanny in respect of my
file to their office .
So you have 100 % assurance of coming over to work for me in
London.Don't worry about the United Kingdom,it's a nice place to stay
and which I hope you will enjoy staying here with my family and you
will have the access to internet In fact i have a personal PC at home
for myself but my kids usually play games on their own PC, i will get
you a computer to start using for your own use.All expenses made by
you will be refunded immediately you get here.

The travel agency will get visa for you and will be directly
responsible for all the documentations, including Visa, Working
permit, and the verifications of your identity in collaboration with
the Home office. Because of the current terrorism in the United
Kingdom, your documents will be properly verified by the home office.

They will apply for visa on your behalf in the UK Home Office here in
United Kingdom and when the visa is ready the UK Embassy in your
country,will call on you,so that they can endorse the visa on your
original passport.Just follow any instructions i give you because that
will make things a reality.

The duties I'm looking for are as follows:
1-Supervise breakfast with the children in the morning and get them
off to school
(Collect my 2KIDS of ages 8yrs(daughter/Tracy) and 6yrs(son/Mikel) old
from school at 3.40pm.)

2-Some Housework/washing/ironing as required on a daily basis
3-Supervise homework, music practice and fun activities or take
children to after school activities.
4-Prepare and cook an evening meal for everyone at about 6.30-6.45 Up
to two evenings child minding per week.

5-Weekends and Bank holidays would be free that there will not be much
duties to carry out.
6-Occasional weekend work would be offered by prior negotiation.
I normally leave for work at 7.00am and get back at around 6.30pm
although some flexibility is useful.

I am offering a live in position with full board (we eat well in this house!)
1-Separate Toilet and Bathroom.
2-TV,different type of video machines.
3-Personal computer already Internet on.
e.t.c for you and i will make sure everything goes on well with you
with my kids.

If you don't mind I can arrange for you any language school and
driving school if you wish.
My offer for you for a week is 800 sterling pounds and i will provide
your accommodation e.t.c.
An urgent reply is needed as soon as possible.


Address:Sarcodia 37 High Street, Orwell ROYSTON, HERTS. UK-SG8 5QN.
Under Sport MAnagement Limited.

I am WATSON Charles a Fifa Licensed Agent in the Uk.

The contract is 2 years renewable type.
You can travel for vacation to your home town during the kids holidays.
Your vacations air tickets will be handled and taking care of by me.
Also during your vacation your salary still read.

Resumption date is as soon as possible

Note if you are not interested in shouldering the 200gbp as instructed
by the British Consulate to really confirm you are a trust worthy
person please do not reply me.But if you are willing to shoulder the
200gbp during the cause of the procurement get back to me so that I
can send you the full name and details of the travel agency that will
be responsible of the visa procurement. I need your visa to be
processed in the United Kingdom to enable quick release of visa and
that will also make your home embassy give a quick answer to your VISA




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