Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#172996 by Roxanne Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:11 pm
Big Scam!!

Dear Au pair,

How are you doing? We hope everything is moving well on your side
and your family is doing quite well. We are so glad and excited to get
in touch with you and hope we can communicate better.

We pray things will move smoothly. We shortlisted your profile from

My name is Mr.Scott Sinclair, 46 a contractor with a private firm, my
wife is Leonora, she is 38 and a doctor. Our only son, Evans is 3 years
old and still attending pre-school. We live in a spacious lovely home
in London, United Kingdom. My wife used to take care of Evans but
since she started work a few months ago we decided to put him in
day care. But we are not really comfortable with the day care center
arrangement, we need someone who will be able to see to Evans
immediate needs and give him special attention. So that is why we
contacted you. Although we have a babysitter who comes by a couple
days a week, we need someone with more experience and who can give
our son the care he needs and who will love him just the way we do.

We are searching for someone special to enter the family and take care
of our beloved son and also take care of our home when my wife and I
are away. Someone who appreciates family values and is ready and
willing to be a special friend to our son.

We enjoy doing all sorts of fun things such as going to the movies,
barbecue,arts,having friends over for lunch, swimming, going to
the amusement park. Our son enjoys his baby books. We also love
cooking and making special delicacies.

Your one and only duty will basically be to take care of him, we already
have a housekeeper who cleans the house and my wife those all the
cooking. We will provide a room for you and your own bathroom either
live in or out fully furnished, with a desk phone and computer system
with full internet access. You are also allowed a car for your easy
accessibility and also in the case of emergency.

You will be paid an amount of £600GBP (Six hundred pounds), weekly
and a total amount of 2,400GBP (Two thousand four hundred pounds) at
the end of the month. You will also be receiving 100GBP allowance
this to see to Evans after needs like going to the parks, buying of
dulls, chocolates etc. Additional hours will be paid at a rate that
we may agree between ourselves.

Our son is a very fun and energetic young kid full of life and happiness. He
is a joy to be around and we want the best for him. We are confident the two
of you will get along and get to know each other so much better.

We will also pay for all document and travel expenses.

We are a fun loving family and looking for a kindhearted Au pair who
will love and care for our son. We hope we can trust you

We basically need someone to care and love our son just as we
do. Kindly get back to us with your resume and recent pictures of
you if interested.


Best Wishes,
Sinclair Family.

#172998 by Roxanne Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:13 pm

How are you? We hope this mail meets you in good health and your
family is doing well. My wife and I will take sometime to discuss and
we will let you know what we decide eventually. We hope you will love
and care for our child just as we do and we hope the two of you will get
along well. We also hope you will be a part of our family soon and get
to know us better and also share experiences with us.

We would like to clarify you some more;

We live in a four (4) bedroom house at No 12 Ave Maria Lane EC4M
London United Kingdom. Our residence is very open and in the city and
there are other aupairs close by. In the area there is a pub full of young
people, there is also a bus stop outside our house with city center. We
also have parks,cinemas,restaurants,malls,etc around. So it will be easy
to make friends and go places. If you do not mind we would appreciate
if you could tutor our son also in your own language. He already has
French lessons but we would also like him to learn another language.

You will have your own bedroom and your own bathroom either live in or
out fully furnished, with a desk phone and computer system with internet.
You are also allowed a car for your easy accessibility in the case of

We are looking for someone to muck up and help out generally as any
member of the family would. You will need to babysit a couple of times
a week and also be happy about us popping back to work in the evening
if you are at home anyway. We need someone to be flexible - as we will
be if you would like to take time off if your family visits or you have a
holiday. When we go on holiday as a family you will usually be welcome
but we can also arrange for you to stay home if you prefer.

We will also be shouldering all document and travel expenses. However we
would like to ask a few key questions and we need you to answer very honestly
and positively.

1) What are your aims and objectives in life?

2) What kind of person are you( your likes and dislikes)?

3) How do you intend to impact positively in my son's life?

4) Do you possess any physical impairment we ought to know about?

Have you ever been married? Do you have a child/children?

Kindly answer these questions and get back to us as soon as possible. Evans
love you pictures and can not wait to see you.

We hope to hear from you soon and our warmest regards to you and your
family. Evans sends his best and wishes you well in all you do.

God bless you.

Best Wishes,
Sinclair's Family.
#172999 by Roxanne Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:15 pm

I hope you are doing great? My wife and I have discussed and since
we are impressed with the information you gave us about you have
agreed to give you the job offer of being an Au pair for our son Evans,
so kindly find the Contract Offer that is approved by the UK HOME

On receipt of this e-mail, Please scan the signed contract letter and
send to Barrister Katie Wedds via email:
[email protected], so she can advise us on the
things we are to do to make your journey to London a smooth one.

UK Immigration Solicitors | Immigration Lawyers | London
206 Merton High Street South Wimbledon London SW191AX
Sunrise Chambers
EMAIL: [email protected]
Do well to keep me abreast of your progress with Barrister Wedds and
please indicate your nationality to the lawyer.

you when you arrive. Let me know as soon as you receive this mail. God bless
you as you come. Also kindly send a scanned copy of the sign contract letter
to us.

Warm Regards,
#173853 by shamim nakayenga Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:03 am
I have been receiving the same emails from a certain Charlie Adam could it be a scam also i need help and the other thing is is the whole Au pair website a scam if not how can i get a real person who wants an aupair for real who is not a scoundrel.

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