Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#213497 by godie Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:25 pm
Hello everybody,

I´m so happy for this website...I thought that it will never happend to me and .... I´m so angry on these stupid bastards who can´t try to find real job!!!

The same email like lots of you´ve received....

Dearest Petra,

How are you? Hope fine, I am glad that you wrote me.

I will start by introducing myself am Mr. Carroll Abner I live and
work here in London. We are a family of three me my wife Lucy and my
daughter Brandy (4 years old) but sadly, We have just lost my wife to
the cold hands of death oh Lucy may your soul rest in peace, she died
of kidney failure. I had to lie to my Daughter that her mom had
traveled for a course in Cater. So my dear I need your assistance in
my family.

My lovely daughter Brandy is fun being with she don't have problems so
you won't find it difficult to iterate with her. your main duty is to
make her happy at all times get her ready for school in the morning
while the school bus takes and bring her back from school then you
receive her back help with school homework, play with her and as well
as washing and ironing for her. Right now it's Vivian our cook that's
helping with everything in the house including taking care of Brandy
she's such a nice lady hope to find that spirit in you. I will be most
happy to relief her duty of taking care of Brandy by employing you
into our family.

We in live here in London and note that you will have your own room
with private bathroom, TV, DVD and internet connected computer and I
will pay you the sum of 800 GBP as your monthly salaries and
additional 100GBP as your weekly up keeps because you will take full
care of my daughter Brandy and ensure she’s happy at all times.

Please my daughter and I will like to see you on skype for an
interview regarding your services to our family tomorrow by 3pm London
time I will need you to answer some questions for me and ask if you
have any regarding your services to my family.

Hope to hear from you soonest attached here is some pictures of me and
my daughter please send us yours too add me on skype:
[email protected]

Best Regards.

Added quotes to separate from your kind words about ScamWarners from what the scammer sent.

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