#413893 by Rebecca Stevens Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:29 pm
The scammer in this situation is pretending to be my boss at the company that I work for. Because of this I'm very confident that this is a scam as they are wanting me to buy these "Off Gamer" cards and take pictures of them with the scratch off removed so they can use the code on them and redeem them. It is clearly a scam.

I posted this on 419eater in hopes that other scam baiters will contact the scammer and waste their time, but was suggested to post to this site as an alternative. I did not get this scam through e-mail but by text message.

This is the scam in the text message.

Good morning [real name] Are you working today [real company name]. Okay great. I'm in a meeting with clients with kids and his kids want "GC off gamers can you help get 4 at 100 each" I'll reimburse you later today

The number they texted me at was 424-322-9139.

Go get them.

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