#378607 by Terminator5 Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:36 pm
Abdul Bangura, [email protected]

We like to inform you about our ready product for shipment.

Gold dust, gold bars, and rough uncut diamond for sale, we are located
in Sierra Leone, we want to inform you that we have the above
Mentioned precious minerals ready for shipment, we are looking for
Potential buyer, foreign partner and investor whom will be ready to
Establish long term business relationship and also a Joint Venture
With our Esteem firm, because we just a local miner, still mining
Precious minerals with our bear hand, but we hope and believe with
Your help we will one day be recognize in a global market.
We look on to read from you as we establish a business partner,

Name Abdul Bangura
Whatsapp: +23278536073

+232 78536073

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