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I am receiving emails from [email protected] seemingly in Fiji, like one noted earlier. After finding that it was likely a spoof I continued to discuss to try and get further information. Here follows the latest in the series of emails, received 11.01.2019

Hi M,

Glad to hear back from you. The total cost of my order is okay by me and am ready to pay the bills I shall inform my freight forwarder who will be coming to pick up the order to hold on and come immediately you inform me that the items are ready for pick up then I can give you a call on that day to get the items packed for pick up and they will call you on their arrival at your address. Also I want you to help me Charge another $3975 from my card for the freight forwarder who will be coming to pick up my ordered items from you.

The $3975 that will be sent to the freight forwarder is for the shipping of my order and other items I ordered from different part of the country which is to be picked up by them and should be deducted from my credit card. Also, I'm compensating you with the sum of ($150) for the transfer fee and for your efforts. Please note that I should have given the shipping agency my credit card for them to deduct the freight charges but i was told that he doesn't have the facilities to charge or debit or credit card , so that's why i bring my vote of confidence in you and I want you to assist me in this measure, so i want you to transfer the funds to him electronically after you have make the charges and the money charged from my credit card, then you can now make the transfer to the agent via electronic transfer. I would have love to do this my self but there are no banks here around me because I out of town to monitor my estate construction at a remote village, So the charges you'll make on my credit card will be:

Order Fee : $3,291.60

Shipping Fee: $3975.00

Compensation and ETF fee $200

Note that my credit card will be charged for the amounts above. Please do get back to me if you are in the office right now so that I could call in or email you with my secure credit card details.

Warm Regards.


As previously noted, the aim is to have us fraudulently take funds from a presumed stolen card and then transfer a portion to an unknown entity. Good 'reasons' as to why she cannot do it herself (lest we forget she is emailing me so must have internet access!) and to believe a freight forwarder does not have the capability to take a credit card payment is just farcical. I am going to string some more as there is pertinent information missing and see if I can get some actually incriminating evidence. I detest fraudsters.

Mr Black 8)

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