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My boss forwarded this email to me.

On Monday 28/01/2019 at 4:21 pm, Rosa Liu wrote:

Am Rosa

We introduce ourselves as Sales of Sky Te co,.ltd (The URL attached is email to [email protected]) located in the KOREA(KR),We are an international recognized company that deals with general contractors and suppliers of GOODS
One of our partners (Mr Liu from Shenzhen China MRS rose zhang) introduced your company to us.
Please let me know if you can accept new orders.
I will forward our PO and specification immediately to place a trial

Best Regards
Yours faithfully(Sales of Sky Te co,.ltd)
Rosa Liu (The URL attached is an email to [email protected])
Email:[email protected] (The URL attached is email to [email protected])
TEL : +82-31-494-0001 FAX :
Copyright©Since 1956 Sky Tex Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
I checked online of Skytex and found Skytex Fashion. They do have a branch in Korea
Associate Office :
1st floor, 627 YeukSam-dong, Kangnam-Ku,
Seoul, South Korea.
Tel: 009715-04758887 (International Roaming)
Email: [email protected]

My guess:- This is a fake business proposal.

Just to let you know, all the emails I have posted here are forwarded or CCed by my boss. Therefore it is not possible to get the header. I thought my boss is paranoid but don't know why my boss trusted these emails so much. Business-starved, maybe?

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