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Hi Everyone,

I know this is a scam. Here are some red flags

1) As my first flag was that he was out of town .. but okay to place a large order, without stating why he would choose to order or trust to order from our family run restaurant.
2) The town we service, the towns people are cheap, therefore they average $10-15 a head .. this total was too big, and can't come in to make a desposit. Why so convenient?
3) Once he mention that we would charge his credit card plus the extra his courrier .. that hit a big red ..plus he didn't even know our location .. anyone ordering from a family restaurant would know the adderss, unless this is a fake order

Action I took.
1) Told him our accountant doesn't allow us to overcharge a customer (lack of paper work and taxes to government).
2) Advise him is order has been cancelled and in order to continue his order, he has to show up at the restuarant with a cash deposit.
3). Stop communciation with him, advise him that no more email will be reply to him.

I post this to help other small family run business. It's nice to get a large order, but to get scam, as we would need a full day prepare the food, and it would be ashame for my family to order all that extra food for the week, do all the prep .. get scam in the money to wire to help someone out .. then have all this food not be pick up .. and find out from our bank that the scammer gave us a fake credit card number.

I copied all the emails he sent to us. Lucky for my parents that I handle all their emails. I hope this helps out any small family run business. When you run a family business every penny/dollars count, every order count/ But scammer will cost your business. So always be awary when they as you for help .. prepay the driver .. especially when the courier is more expensive then the food order.

Here is his email address: [email protected]
Williams Anthony 661-249-0174
Kevin Sulivan 647-494-2072

From: Williams Anthony <[email protected]>
Sent: March 26, 2019 4:55 PM

This Williams Anthony, I will like to know if i can make a place for take away order food for 80 guests, it will be picked up on the 13th of april by 5.45pm. please kindly attach with a menu & get back to me if you can fill this order for me.

From: Williams Anthony <[email protected]>
Sent: March 31, 2019 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: FOOD ORDER

Thanks for getting back to me, actually i am An Au- Pair presently working for a Family in the US and I will only come in a day to the Birthday date that's why i wanted to arrange all Food, flower and some other necessary thing down So there wouldn't be much to do when am back home for my grandmother Birthday if not i would have love to come down to the restaurant myself...

i will need the order below for the 80 guests.
- Egg Roll x 80
- Sprilng Roll (Veg) x 80
- Spring Roll (Pork) x 80
- Lemon Chicken x 2 Large Tray
- Chicken Fried Rice x 2 Large Tray
- Chicken w Brocolli x 2 Large Tray
- Chinese Chow Mein x 2 Large Tray
- Beef Mixed Vegetables w Almond x 2 Large Tray

Let me know if you can handle this for me on that date and make it ready for pick up by 5:45pm
still awaits your response.

From: Williams Anthony <[email protected]>
Sent: April 5, 2019 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: FOOD ORDER
Thanks for the mail, my contact number is 661 2490174 and am so much happy you can help me with this order,
Kindly let me know if you do accept credit card for payment, i will be happy to email you my card details for you to charge the food deposit payment.
Also, i will need a contact name and a contact phone number so i can forward them to my food carrier now so they can locate your store when they are coming for the pick up. i need those information now so i can send your my credit card details for your payment now
Await your respond soon,

Williams Anthony <[email protected]>
Sat 2019-04-06 3:33 AM

Okay, The order will be picked up by Kevin Sulivan and contact number is 647-494-2072, i will forward you my card details now,
Also, have got the quote sent to me which is $1078 and am very much okay with the quote.
But i will need a little favor from u cos i have not paid the food carrier that will be coming to pick up the food at your store when is ready, I would like you to add an extra $2950 to the total price of the order so that you can have all the sum charged on my credit card now and you will have the $2950 sent to my carrier agent for him to be able to come for the pick up with their warmer truck , so can you add it all and let me have the total price so that I can give you my credit card details to have the total cost charged on it.i wish to pay them directly but i am in the US and the carrier agent emailed me that their eftpos got broken that is why i want you to assist me with this.... and you can charge all expenses on my credit card while i give it to you now and are you ready to take my credit card and take care of everything for me..okay.
Await your response,
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