#34939 by crazy4flavour Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:22 pm
Hi Jill - it was not my business address that the mail was sent to - my "private" address gets many, many, offers of $10 mill for accepting money from African banks, investing on behalf of African orphans, etc!

I don't have a lot of spare time for scambaiting, though I'd love to, and if I did I'd have a nice hotmail or yahoo (like the scammers ;) ) to use.

Good site here - Keep it up. I check frequently for new scams that may affect businesses like ours that use mail order. As you say, "if it looks too good to be trues, it isn't"!


#35444 by jstrijker Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:09 pm
we just received this one:
De : David Bratman [mailto:[email protected]]
Envoyé : dimanche 15 août 2010 14:45
À : [email protected]
Objet :
Dear sales,i want to place an order in your store,and i will like to know if
you ship to japan and my method of payment will be credit card. So please
let me know if you can assist me with the order ,And please do not forget to
include your web page in your replying back to my mail.

our internet sales lady requested more information:
Dear Sir,

Further to your email, could you let us know what product you are referring to?
Thanking you in advance.
Best regards,

and this was his response:

Dear S..... ,
Thanks for the are the items needed... automatic .........
Quatity needed...........10 UNITS
My delivery address....13-31, 2-chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 108-0075

I experience difficulties when it comes to getting orders to my address here in japan it would be best if you contact the shipper which i used in the past( [email protected]) you can also notify them with my customer id# MV56JFJ79T I will need you to obtain a quote and get back to me with:COST OF THE ORDERCOST OF THE SHIPPING VIA (errendex air cargo) TOTAL COST (ORDER + SHIPPING) Once i have these details, i will get back to you with my credit card details immediately. so you can charge and make the necessary shipping arrangements.
Kind Regards.


I am posting this as this is now an address in Japan..
#35486 by ChrisSmith Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:29 am
^^ The address he's given in Japan actually belongs to a genuine international wine merchant. They'd certainly not have a problem with receiving orders at that address as that's where their Japanese sales department is run from.

It's very common for 419 fraudsters to piggy-back their scams on legitimate businesses - either by using some or all of their details.
#35487 by Arnold Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:52 am
And please do not forget to
include your web page in your replying back to my mail.

A genuine customer who has sent a single email to a seller would have no need to ask that. A scammer who has sent out thousands of emails on the other hand.......

#37231 by Bdub Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:11 pm
I got a variant of this email as well, this time from Belgium (supposedly). Thought I'd list it here for any others who might get an email from this address ([email protected]), or with these details:

From: Dave Conmier [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 1:02 PM
Subject: Order To Belgium


I want to place an order in your store,and i will like to know if you ship to Belgium and my method of payment will be credit please let me know if you can assist me with the order ,And please do not forget to include your web page in your replying back to my mail.I will await your prompt response as soon as you receive this mail,i will be very glad if you treat this email with good concern...

Best Regards
Dave Conmier

Shipping Address:
New style store inc.
Address:45, Lozenberg B-1961
Tel: +61 3 792 10 70
Zipcode: 1831
Country:Belgium ...
#52473 by Robert Tue May 03, 2011 12:24 pm
I get these from time to time and want to know if I'm handling them most efficiently. Here's the correspondence so far this time:
> Apologies for not getting back to you immediately.Please kindly send
> me Your website or your product list and Price of each so that I can
> Choose the Items That I am Interested in Ordering from your store to
> mine .Thanks

I would be pleased to help you if you would first tell me the general nature of goods you are interested in and how you heard about my products.

> On 4/25/11, ***** wrote:
>> Dear **********, you wrote:
>>> Hello i would like to order some product from your store to mine in
>>> australia .so let me know if can ship down to australia so that i can
>>> email you the product i am interested in.also Payment will be done via
>>> credit card details if you do accept that let me know so that i can
>>> place
>>> my order and the Items will be picked Up by my shipping Company at you
>>> store,please Get back to me so that i can email you the items i am
>>> interested . address: **********************
>>> Phone (+61 ) ************ Fax (+61 ) *********** Thanks
>> Yes, I do accept MasterCard and Visa, and you can have the goods picked
>> up
>> at the plant. Please tell me the item and quantity you're interested
>> in.
>> Sincerely,
>> Robert ******

I do take credit card orders via PayPal and ship via UPS, and some customers do pick up orders at the plant. All that is true. However, I don't want to waste my time with someone who's just going to make a fraudulent credit card order, have someone pick up and dump the goods, and ask to have me pay in advance for his "special shipper". I suppose I could wait to see if he asks for such an arrangement, but if by then I've processed a phony credit order, it's not worth it. So in the meantime I want hir to specify the general type of goods rather than giving hir a multiple choice question to answer. One in a while an initial inquiry I get really is of a vague nature and assumes I know what they're talking about, so I can't just blow off a potential customer at this point.
#60854 by Katharina Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:16 am
Hi Robert,
good idea to ask them to tell you what they actually want instead of going to the trouble of sending them your price list.
One more thing: It is almost certainly a scammer when he tells you that he will be employing "the shipment company he is used to deal with".

As for the email you posted, the language is African English, so you won't be damaging an innocent person's reputation by adding his name and email address.
#61012 by Crazysuspicious Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:09 am
I almost fell for this. I became suspicious almost right away but wasn't sure. All the e-mails below are in order from the last one I received to the first one at the bottom.
This is someone who is scamming something right?
They are from someone named Mary who would avoid giving me any details that I had asked over the course of a couple days.

Hi <Removed - Michelle>

O.k , i would need you to split the cost into 4. That means you would be sending me four ( 4 ) different invoices. That is :

$722.85 x 4 invoices.

Do you understand ? Kindly get back to me soon.

From: <Removed - Michelle>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, 4 August 2011, 23:11
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Order Inquiry

Dear Mary,

Paying with Credit Card is Easy with paypal. You don't need to have paypal to pay with a credit card. Paypal is just the processor that clears payment from your Credit Card to me and is 100% secure.

This is the only method of Payment We Accept as it is the safest and most secure way for you to pay with a credit Card. Paypal accepts all major Credit Cards.

Again you do not need an account with paypal to pay using a credit card through them. Just follow the prompts to pay on the invoice and use the service as a guest to pay with your credit card.

I hope this Helps you.

Thank you Again,

<Removed - Michelle>

On Aug 4, 2011, Mary Stewart Plunkett <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi <Removed - Michelle>

Thanks so much but i don't have a pay pal i can only pay with my credit card. Do you have a credit card machine ?


From: <Removed - Michelle>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, 4 August 2011, 18:57
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Order Inquiry

Dear Mary,

This is an ususaul request Indeed, However If you pay the invoice I will see to it that it gets Done.
May I please know to where this order is Heading? And the Shipping agent details such as how they expect to be paid and their contact information.

And out of curiousity are these for a corporate gift or wedding favours?

I will send you a new invoice via e-mail that can be paid directly be you. You do not need to send me your credit card details as it is all handled securely via paypal.

Please check you e-mail in the next couple of minutes for the up to date invoice.


<Removed - Michelle>

On Aug 4, 2011, Mary Stewart Plunkett <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi <Removed - Michelle>

Thanks for the email. Everything sounds okay....I would need you to help me charge an extral $950.00 from my credit card for the shipper agent so that they can schedule and come for the pick up . I should have given them my credit card to charge but they doesn't have the facilities to do so. I know this may look a little complicated but i really need you to help me on this .You may also charge an extral $100 for the little stress this might cause you.So below is the amount you are going to charge on my credit card.

Order Fee : $1841.40
Agent fee including tax,customs duties and transportation fee:$950.00
Grand Total: $2891.40

Let me know if you're in the office so that i can forward my credit card details to you for the payment and also let me know the types of credit card you accept.

Thanks and i will be expecting to read back from you soon.

God bless.


From: <Removed - Michelle>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, 4 August 2011, 14:59
Subject: Re: Re: Order Inquiry

Dear Mary,

I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly.

As I understand from your e-mail below you wish to purchase a total of 180 tins of Tea (100g size) at $10.23 each for a total of $1841.40.
Is this Correct?

If this amount is Correct We would need approximately 6 business days from the time of Payment Recieved to fill an order of that size. Is this convenient for you?

Address for Pick-up: (removed for this post)
Phone Number: (removed for this post)
Contact Person: <Removed - Michelle>
# of Packages: 15
Weight/package: 2.6 kg Each

Date/Time for pick-up if Invoice Paid today: Friday August 12th, 2011. Between 9am-12noon

Date/Time for pick-up if Invoice Paid tomorrow: Monday August 15th, 2011. Between 9am-12noon

I will also Send an e-mail invoice directly after this message. You may pay that invoice directly and I will re-confirm the Pick-up Date/Time from that point.

Thank you for your order as we appreciate your business. We hope to excede your expectations.

Yours Truly,

<Removed - Michelle>

On Aug 3, 2011, Mary Stewart Plunkett <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi <Removed - Michelle>

Thanks for the response. Below are the products i needed.

Herb & Fruit Teas

Tropical Rainbow 100g tea tin...... x 50

Bumblebeelicious 100g tea tin ......x 50

Cranberry Apple 100g tea tin........ x 50

Secret Garden Berry 100g tea tin.... x 30s

I want you to advise with the total cost minus the shipping cost cause my personal freight forwarder will be coming to pick them up at your store.

I will need the below information from you for the pick up.

*The pick up Address ?
*Time the package will be ready for pick up with your convenience time and date?
*Contact Person for the pickup arrangement ?
*Telephone Number ?
*Weight of the package and how many boxes are they ?

So, please kindly get back to me with this details along with the total cost so that i can give you my credit card details for the payment.
Hope to read from you ASAP.

I'll be expecting to read back from you.

From: <Removed - Michelle>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, 3 August 2011, 17:01
Subject:Re: Order Inquiry

Dear Mary,

we do accept Credit Card via e-mail Paypal Invoice or through our Website.
All Prices are available online at <Removed - Michelle>

If you are a local Cambridge customer feel free to use our online order form at <Removed - Michelle>

Thank you for you inquiry, We look forward to serving you.

If I have not answered you question fully to your satisfaction feel free to contact me <Removed - Michelle>


<Removed - Michelle>

On Aug 3, 2011, Mary Stewart <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello ,

I would like to place an order with you.Kindly get back to me with your price list and let me know if you accept credit card.

I await your quick response.
Mary Stewart
#61015 by Dotti Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:37 am
This is someone who is scamming something right?

Yes, it's a scam.

"She" intends to pay with a stolen credit card, and have you forward cash to the "agent" (who incidentally will never show up to pick up the product, because he doesn't exist--all the scammer is trying to do is convert stolen credit cards to quick cash).

Eventually, the stolen/phished credit card will be discovered, and there would be a chargeback. You would be out the cash you sent to the "agent."

Anytime someone wants to overpay (regardless of the method of payment) and have you forward part of the money somewhere, you should just walk away.

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#65124 by scamreporter Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:40 am
I couldn't believe that this has been going on for a little while!

I also received such an email and have responded three times asking for their company name and phone number.

They are doing a terrible thing. Like someone has mentioned -- wasting someone's time.

The body of the letter is the same. The difference is the signed name, company names used and addresses.
#65191 by Bubbles Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:01 am
Please share the information you have. Posting it here will help others who are searching to see if they are dealing with a scammer.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.
#67886 by mindy212 Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:08 am

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