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There's a fraud going on around the internet targeting photographers. I found another photographer who was almost victimized with the same emails I was getting. I want to report this now to protect all photographers in the US. The scammer is sending photographers checks that are too big and asking them to deposit them into their account before sending a portion of it to the "Event Planner". It's so lame but I'm sure there will be people who might fall victim to these emails. Below are the emails he was sending me.It sounds like a nigerian scam.--

>>Good Day, I hope my email finds you well. I need a good photographer to cover an up coming event here in Los Angeles which would take place in the last weekend in September . 29th to be precises. Please kindly reply if you will be available for that date to take up the job. It's my birthday dinner party and I need a good photographer to cover me and my friends for just an hour or two. I will like to make further arrange with you once I get an email from you. Thanks, Alan.

>>Then, I asked him for more information about the event?

>>Good Day , Thanks for your response and am glad you are available for the my date. Here are more info about the event: The event is my birthday and its coming up on 29th of September . Am expecting at least 20 guest. Start at 6 PM and I need your service for 4 hours. The location of the event is : La Luna Banquet Hall @ 972 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 . I will be responsible for your cost of transportation . I need you to get back to me with your charges. I will like to know how much you charge hourly and all pictures should be properly edit and saved on a CD after event. I understand you will need some funds for materials and transportation to get yourself ready for the event. I will pay half of the total charges and balance up after the job is completely. I will need the following Details Below for your upfront payment. FULL NAME : FULL ADDRESS : CITY: STATE/POSTAL CODE: TELEPHONE: CELL PHONE: I need this information to issue out a check for your deposit. I will forward the couriers tracking number to you and it will deliver to your provided address within 2 business days. I regret am not able to call you. I am deaf and dumb . I respond to emails on time. I will be able to keep in touch via emails and text messages from time to time. I will be patiently waiting to read from you soon. Thanks, Alan.

>> I told him the amount for a booking deposit and asked him to sign a photography contract with me but he never addressed it. I was already really suspicious from this point. Then he sent me another email which made it clear he's trying to scam/fraud me and other photographers.

>> Hello xxxxx, How are you doing today? I hope you're good.. Am sending this note to inform you that you will receive the payment by Wednesday this week . However,there is a little bit of problem or mixed up when the check was issued. I'm currently off for a Research Institute Seminar for the year inaugural Lecture and I instructed my bosses secretary to facilitate the payment to your address. The Problem is that I just read a mail from the secretary now that she sent out the whole amount my boss was owing me to you instead of her to send you the deposit we both agreed on. I was so mad at her when I heard this because I don't know if my money is safe with you. But I do have a strong conviction that my money is safe in your hands, believe you have a reputation to protect. I actually wanted her to send the remaining of the balance to my party planner . I just don't know what to do cos I am totally confused. Please consider this a favor . Please once you receive the check, can you kindly deduct the deposit and please help me send the remaining balance the planner . I will give u her details for that later. I will really appreciate it if you can take care of this for me. Thanks for your understanding. Thanks, Alan.
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Welcome to Scamwarners jthai89,

Thank you for the post.

Can you post the name, email address and phone numbers the scammer is using?

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

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