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Muyanuigong Import Export Trading (pty) ltd
Registered Office:
12 Ravenscraig road,
Tollgate industrial Centre,
Woodstock, 7925,
Cape Town,
South Africa.

Mobile: +27-78-1766893
Phone: +27-21-8392409
Faxline: +2786 768 1167

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Skype: muyanuigong.export1

About us

Muyanuigong Import Export Trading (pty) ltd is located in V256, Bangiso Driver, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, 7784
Our primary service is offering is bulk import and export of agricultural products. We have a sizeable capacity and are open to supply partnerships across the globe.

We deliver anywhere in the world with discount on shipping, using the most efficient couriers to ensure that our clients get fresh fresh produce from which they can profit. Our high standards in this regard have kept us highly competitive over the years.

The up-to-date production plant and the careful selection of raw material guarantee the higher standard in the manufacturing phase. In the internal laboratory, where samples of product are checked, there is the possibility to look for and taste different quantity of samples.


The higher quality of products and their large variety allowed the opening of a national and foreign lasting market. Goods with customer's label are also produced.

The sales are organized by a commercial network made of sale agents who address to specialized shops, wholesalers, Supermarkets, Large Distribution and Organized Large Distribution. The distribution is made through the Company's own trucks and professional door-to-door transport Companies. Abroad the sales are addressed mainly to Importers.

The big production capacity is able to meet any request on Industries' account by offering the planning and manufacturing of products at Customers ‘brand.

The careful stage by stage self-controlled production, the stringent selection of suppliers and the several controls shall guarantee the success of Muyanuigong Import Export Trading (pty) ltd

[Our Philosophy]

Absolute customer satisfaction - Partner: which means in simple words effective in what is planned and decided jointly. Human relations: which creating the foundation for mutual trust and cooperation with our customers. Self-esteem: as a prerequisite for a genuine partnership with customers. With drivers knowledge, competitiveness, quality, consistency combined with honesty, offer essential services to high level depending on the needs of our customers and the marketplace.


Providing customers with high-quality flavor and fragrance products is our target at all times. We have been carrying out zero-risk quality policy. We promise that you can return or exchange the product if there is any problem on the quality of our product. 1. We have established a perfect quality standard information system, which includes many international certificate companies or company's standards as well as many other quality-related research papers. Our quality control department has gained many precious anti-adulteration experiences for they have studied essential oils adulterating and fragrance impurities issues in depth

2. We utilize advanced instruments like GC, GLC, GC-MS, NMR for quality test. All test methods have been validated for many times. We strictly carry out relevant international standard test methods and assure that all test items are accurate. Meanwhile, we accurately evaluate flavor of products.

3. We take suitable packing materials and methods. Besides, we have studied that the quality of products may alter in the course of transportation and storage. For these changes we have taken preventive methods and made safety guidance for customers. To meet customers' requirements, we forward free samples for them to check the quality of the products and strictly assure that products accord well with the sample..

Muyanuigong Import Export Trading (pty) ltd has made a prominent mark for itself in the worldwide market by delivering excellence backed with professionalism. The company is known as one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Cashew Nuts, Crude Palm Oil, White Kidney Beans, Coffee Beans, Peanut Kernels, Sesame Seeds, Maize Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Potato Starch, Frozen Chicken, Copper Birch, Aluminium Extrusion Scrap, etc. In addition, we also provide Brass Scrap, Tantalite Ore, Uncut Diamonds, Refrigerator Compressors Scrap, Copper Cathodes 99.99%, Copper Ore, Tali Hardwood Logs, and other products. These products cater the needs of diverse industries like Agro, Food, Metallurgy, Construction, Automobile, etc.

Muyanuigong Import Export Trading (pty) ltd is located at V256, Bangiso Driver, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, 7784"What we seek to achieve at Muyanuigong Import Export Tradingis that delicate balance between quality and price that eludes many. We grew as a company by supporting small business and to this day we have their best interests at heart."

Hot Selling Products

Frozen Chicken / Feet / Neck

We have in stock grade A frozen chicken parts like ( chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken heart, chicken necks, chicken ...

Iron Ore

Animal Feed Barley

Dried Maize

We assure that the Yellow Maize, which we provide, is packaged in PP bags using the most advanced technology. Being sourced from the most trusted vendors, Yellow Maize is high on protein content. Yellow Maize is a great food option to complete every meal.



All diamonds supplied by us are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity from major laboratories like EGL (European Gemmological Laboratories) etc.

Please let us know what your needs are. Interested in buying from our wide selection of stones? Contact us now via e-mail, contact form or call us


As one of the leading timber merchants in South Africa,Muyanuigong Import Export Trading remains on the cutting edge, supplying the widest range of local, African and imported timbers available.

We offer a solution for the timber requirements for both the hobbyist and the professional carpenter, cabinet maker or kitchen cupboard supplie

Cashew Nuts
We are one of the distinguished suppliers and exporters engaged in offering a wide range of Cashew Nuts, which are available in 4 pieces. These Cashew Nuts are procured from reliable vendors of the south India who are renowned for their quality and standard. Mostly these Cashew Nuts are used in making alcohols, medicines, delicious dishes and offering as gift pack on various occasions

Poland Cement / Other Types

Fish Ethanol

Urea n46 / Fertilizer

Copper Cathode / wires 99.99%

Hides (Cow, Sheep, Goat)

Our products are sourced fresh directly from abattoirs in the South Africa on a daily basis. They are graded, cured and packed ready for export. Cattle hides are supplied wetsalted and we can supply sheepskins and lambskins both wetsalted and drumsalted depending on the requirements of our customers.

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