Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#403750 by Michelle Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:01 pm
Magdalena Krystyna <[email protected]> napisał:

You must follow PayPal's instructions in the payment confirmation email that was sent to you from PayPal to receive the money in your account and you can also respond to the email to know what steps to take to receive the money in your account. You have to go to webpage of transfer-wise at WWW.TRANSFERWISE.COM and sign up for an account with transferwise and send 450 EUR money to the shipping agent information given to you by PayPal you will have to send the money to the shipping agent in Nigeria and send the money to him in Naira so that the shipping agent can receive the pick up fee and make sure you get back to PayPal with the screenshot of the payment and tracking number so as to confirm it valid and release total funds into your account without no further delay.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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