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Gold Bars / Gold Dust Scam . No such entity registered in the State of New York . New York, NY contact phone number. Mali Gold Scam .

from: Melodie Alfredo <[email protected]>
to: xxxxxx
date: Feb 14, 2020

To whom by right to the Gold trading departments or investors & buyers who want to buy Gold Bars:

Hello xxxxxx ,

I hope found you well, my name is Mrs. Melodie Alfredo I read your Buy post requirement on Global Buyers Online please advise :
- Are you still looking to buy Gold Dore Bars?
- For the first order Quantity (kg)? Purity? When?
- Are you the Buyer?

My suppliers has the capacity to sell monthly, even annually Gold dore bars and ship everywhere in Asia, USA, Europe, Africa & Middle East not in countries embargoed or in conflicts. They works with ethics and the willingness to build sustainable deals. They have unrefined Raw Gold, such as Gold Bars with range of purity that goes 22karats & 24karats origins from Burkina Faso & Mali. Their procedure due to diligence of conformity of international trade & procedures it is the following: a FCO(Full Corporate Offer resume all terms and conditions of both parties Seller & Buyer), assays then closing.

For all deals of Dore Gold Bars with my Sellers contacts, the procedure is the following: ONLY FOB INCOTERMS.
Buyers pay for all the customs, transportation fees, paperwork and legal shipping related documents fees required. For the assays, they are willing to work with legally place that will establish legal paperwork to attest the authenticity of the Gold. All the conditions of payments, shipping, commodity specifications negotiated will be listed in the FCO with the regards of the facilitation of the intermediaries and agreement of sales by both parties (Buyer & Seller).

The fact that the Gold bars have to travel as legalized goods make totally sense to my suppliers. They have legitimate companies so all deals of Gold, transactions follow a legal procedure from the beginning until the end.

Mr. Xxxxxxc I am looking forward to read you soon. I included my contact informations, below if you want to schedule an appointment for us to meet. I live in United States, as a establish point of communication and to set up every details of the deal I suggest a business meeting in person.

As you know when every points are clear from the beginning then we can build sustainable deals it doesn't take that long to be agree on doing business together.
I will wait for any information.

Thanks & Regards
Mrs. Melodie Alfredo

International Business Facilitator
Independent Consulting & Compliance
Manhattan - New York -
Mrs. Melodie Alfredo
Mobile : +1 (929). 351 .2139
Whatassp: +1-929-351-2139
Mail: [email protected]

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