Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#37394 by rockenvol Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:43 am
This is an email I got on my eBay account, it is a scam I am sure:

If you need additional income, we have an open position as a local representative in your area, learn more at: , your access code is IIQX-JOWX-DXNA-MQZX

This is the Web page that comes up when you go to

Global Supplies Trader, LLC

• General information
• Position 1: Sales mediator
• Position 2: Paperwork forwarder
• Additional information
• Apply

General information
GST (Global Supplies Trader) LLC is a subsidiary of GS Corp. (Global Supplies Corporation), Russia. We are a nationwide reseller company in Russia, with headquarters in Moscow, Russia, established in 2000.

Our company is interested in new ideas, business partners and modern business solutions and always does its best to optimize the business process and minimize handling fees. GST is looking for new opportunities and starts contracts with dealers of leading brands and trademarks in many areas.

We deal with wide range of merchandise including hi-tech digital equipment, networking supplies, agricultural devices, food producing and servicing equipment, industrial goods, big ticket items. Some of our products can be viewed here. Goods condition is used and brand new. GST guarantees the quality of products as they are inspected and tested prior to sale and covered by manufacturer and/or company warranty and service.

GST has current contracts with shipping and freight carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, USS and other shippers. We guarantee fast insured delivery. We strive to make our customers satisfied and happy with their purchases.

Currently we have two positions available: sales mediator and paperwork forwarder see below for details and application.
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Position 1: Sales mediator
Nowadays, to keep the business efficient and competitive a company must have perfect quality goods, responsible customer service and flexible payment ways to attract more potential customers. GST initiates activity in foreign markets and is interested in using modern payment instruments not accessible from Russia directly. These instruments include Paypal, cashier's checks and wire transfers. At the moment we do not have branches in countries that work with listed payment instruments. Reason for the company to hire an international mediator is that Paypal does not work with Russia directly, international checks are cashed slower in our banks, wire transfers can be lost in transit. Mediator commission rate is set at 10%.

Mediator will accept payments for company products funded with the following methods: Paypal, cashier's checks and wire transfers. If you are able to accept other payment methods, this is a plus.

We plan to advertise and sell our goods through e-Bay. Transactions turnover estimates $3,000-$15,000 per week. Amounts will certainly raise in the nearest future. We plan to increase transactions count per week (depending on demand and stock availability).

When we have an item sold, customer pays the full amount to mediator payment credentials. After the funds are accepted and get cleared, mediator forwards company cut to GST keeping mediator service commission. All the fees associated with the transfer are covered by the company.

Mediator service commission is 10% of the amount in hand (after clearing and before fee to transfer money to GST). This means after the money is withdrawn in cash you get 10% before you forward the money (Paypal commission is not covered by GST).

To deliver funds to company mediator will use Western Union. For example, if payment is made with Paypal, mediator withdraws transaction amount minus Paypal fee charged to accept payment. When it gets to mediator's bank account and clears in cash mediator gets 10% of final amount that came to bank account. Then mediator sends 90% to GST minus fees charged to send Western Union transfer(s). All additional information and exact instructions are available when such transactions take place.

Being a mediator you do not market or advertise anything and you do not list auctions for GST using your accounts. Items are sold by our independent sales agents, this does not affect your feedback. To save time and money, mediator does not deal with merchandise directly, this is handled by GST logistics department. If mediator has a stock area to fit company merchandise items, this case is discussed and reviewed separately.
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Position 2: Paperwork forwarder
GST is a growing company and we expand our presence worldwide. We need to establish our business in many areas including United States to be closer to our customers. To achieve these goals one of the very important aspects is having a mailing address in certain location. Company paperwork (envelopes, documents, correspondence) will come to your mailing address for further re-mailing to our headquarters in Russia or you will be receiving materals of our products, brochures, prospects etc from us for further forwarding them within United States. Each visit to Post Office is paid $50 by the company, you may have up to 30 and more visits per month. Paperwork is mailed with usual USPS, DHL and others. All the fees are fully covered by the company. To sign up for this position use the button at the bottom of the screen. All the information will be provided to you by your personal assistant after you register in our system.
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Additional information
Working with GST is a great opportunity to earn money in today's hard situation when the global crisis affected many countries and areas of labor, when many people loose their jobs every day and are left unattended and unclaimed even being professionals in their scope of labor activity. It is a very good growing perspective for everyone who would like to get his real money and work for it having great carrier lifting in nearest future. GST would not need access to your Paypal account or any of your sensitive private personal information. You will not need to invest any money either at the beginning or at any time later. To get the most of our cooperation you can take two positions simultaneously.
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If you feel that you would like to apply for position(s), please click Apply button below. If you do not like to apply, click Leave this web site and you will be redirected from this site.

#37409 by David Jansen Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:09 pm
Welcome here rockenvol.

Like you said, this is a scam. It's likely that you would get fake checks being sent to you, and you were asked to cash the checks, then send the money to the scammer via western union or money gram. Or it could be a money laundering scam.

Being a victim doesn't mean you stand alone. We're here to help you.
#53342 by David Jansen Sat May 14, 2011 2:20 am
Welcome here n.kreuzer.

In what way were you scammed? Did you receive a cheque? If so, don't try to cash it! Just tear it up or write fake on it. If you already cashed it, then go to the bank and explain that you were scammed. If you have already send money to the scammer by western union, then check the western union website wether the scammer already picked up the money or not. If not, then you might have a chance to cancel the payment.

Being a victim doesn't mean you stand alone. We're here to help you.

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