Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#47310 by happy_girl2 Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:23 pm

Thanks for the awesome much great info!

Anyway, I am selling a wedding dress. I got this email in response to an online ad:

Dear seller,

Thanks very much for your email and i am so happy to hear that your wedding dress is still available for sale.I am actually buying it for my upcoming wedding and i want you to email me pics if you have more available with your price for the wedding dress.

I live in Canada and already, i have someone that is coming to the state to ship some wedding items for me and as soon as she arrive the state, arrangement will be schedule on when and where to pick up the dress so you don't need to bother about the shipping.

Kindly get back to me if this is clear and okay with you.I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regard,


I wrote back:

Thank you for the email. I will send more pictures this afternoon and I will also hold the dress for you.
Do you know when you're friend will be in town? I have arrangemens out of town for a few days in march and I don't want to delay your receiving the dress!
Congrats again on the wedding...what is the date?

Thanks so much and i do appreciate.Please i want you to know that arrangement on collection will be done as soon as you have received the payment and hopefully by early next week the payment for the dress will get to you and then you can fix a day for the dress collection.
> Meanwhile, i am okay with the details of the dress and thanks so much for your transparency.Your asking price $1,000 is okay with me as long as you can hold the dress for me and i will be expecting the pics as promised.Payment is with a certified cashier's check and regarding the payment, i just discuss that with my friend who is owing me some money in U.S to issue out the check in your name.Once you have received the payment and clears your Bank,then you deduct the cost of the wedding dress and the remaining money left from the check will be send to the person that is coming for the dress collection.I will email you the details you needed as soon as you have received the payment.
> However, i want you to understand that the remaining money left from the check is meant for the clearance of some other wedding items in the state and the shipping of all my wedding items together with the dress so i want you to kindly bear with me.Let me know if this is clear and understood by you.I look forward to your email and do get back to me with your name,contact address and phone number for the payment.
> Kourtney

Finally, I wrote the following...
Kourtney, why the additional funds? I am a little skeptical about receiving a check that is more than twice the amount of the dress. I understand your position in regards to being out of town and your friend arranging to get tjhe dress, but I just need to be cetain that the funds will be in the form of a cashiers check and not a personal check. I will not be able to give cash to someone then see a personal check not clear my account. I am sure you can understand my position on this matter. If I am not understanding something clearly, please advise.
Thanks and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Any advice???

#47315 by David Jansen Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:49 pm
Welcome here happy_girl2.

It's simple, you're dealing with a scammer, so the best thing to do is to stop all communication with him. The cheque that he will send you is false. You can cash it in the bank, if it doesn't bounce that is. After some weeks the cheque will bounce when it's being cleared, but then you have send the money via western union to the scammer. Also, when the bank finds out you tried to cash a false cheque, they can report you to the police for fraud.

Being a victim doesn't mean you stand alone. We're here to help you.

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