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#370327 by Frost Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:30 am
From: Sabrina Beckord <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: your item X

Hello, i'm really interested in your samsung phone, what is your final price
you are willing to sell it? and please what is also the cost of
shipping to my Daughter that is studying in a Rumburk (Czech
Republic)? please tell me the total package

Thank you

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Email: @

#370328 by Frost Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:31 am
From: Sabrina Beckord <[email protected]>
Other emails: [email protected]

How are you ? I hope you are alright,and I'm glad to inform you that i
have made the payment of (850.00€) for the item plus shipping cost van
Post Office,and I'm sure you must have receive the confirmation mail
of the payment from my bank by now, because i have got the carbon Copy
of the payment confirmation mail from my bank. So i want you to check
you INBOX, BULK, SPAM And JUNK E-mail for the payment confirmation. So
i want you to proceed with the shipment, since the payment has been
approved and you have got a confirmation mail.S o i want you to go and
make the shipment and send the shipment details to my bank shipment
has been successfully done, so that you can get your money cash today

However this is the shipment address below...

Name: Kunle David
Address: Suite #19834 Slevacska 476/2A
City: Rumburk
Post Code: 40801
(Ustecky / Usti nad Labem)
Country: Czech Republic

I urge you to kindly proceed with the shipment, because since the
payment has been confirmed, it can never be refunded to me, so i
promise out that your account will be activated today as soon as you
make the shipment and you send my bank the shipment details.

[email protected]

However i will be waiting for the shipment details Now.

With Regards

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

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#370329 by Frost Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:35 am
From: First Capital Bank Transfer <[email protected]>
Subject: ***Transfer Order from FIRST CAPITAL BANK OF CANADA - Transfer Number : SW580033989383KMS***

This is an email from the FAKE bank.


Welcome to First Capital Bank Of Canada Plc ® Online Transfer fast Delivery is the best for convenient, affordable and reliable money Transfer services for auction payment to seller's in WORLDWIDE COUNTRY

Transfer Order from FIRST CAPITAL BANK OF CANADA Online Banking has been Approved .

Transfer Order

Transfer On PendingTransaction Number


We honour to inform you that we had received the transfer of 850.00€ been paid to you by Sabrina Beckord for an Auction of ITEM(s) and the payment has been Processed and Consequently been Approved...

Receipt No: 1114-7667-4545-5960

Quantity 1
Item Amount 850.00€
Transfer Charges 00.00€
Amount Transferred 850.00€

The Transfer has been approved and is ready to be transferred into your account, but before the money can be credited into your account, you would have to go ahead with the shipment of the item and then send the Shipment Receipt for the Shipment Verification. Once the shipment verification is complete, your account would be credited.

The Total amount of 850.00€ will be credited to the Account Details below. Please verify if the Name and Account Number entered by the payee are correct.


Total Amount 850.00€
Courier Service POST

Name: Kunle David
Address: Suite #19834 Slevacska 476/2A
City: Rumburk
Post Code: 40801
(Ustecky / Usti nad Labem)
Country: Czech Republic


Name: Kunle David
Address: Suite #19834 Slevacska 476/2A
City: Rumburk
Post Code: 40801
(Ustecky / Usti nad Labem)
Country: Czech Republic

*** NOTE ***

We have finished the procedure of the transferring of the full payment to 850.00€ will be transferred to your account from First Capital Bank Of Canada directly to your Bank account.

This Is Our Information For The Buyer

1. You must know that once the payment has been made by the buyer the money now belongs to the seller and it will be transferred immediately to his or her account as soon as the seller follow our procedure.
2. Once shipment has been verified, the money will be delivered to the seller's Bank account information given to us by you and hence from now on ,You did not have any control on the money paid by you to the seller as we are the one to handle everything yours is to receive your item, we are using this policy to protect both the seller and buyer from internet fraud.

You can go ahead now and ship out your buyer's item{s} and send to us the Scan Way Bill/Tracking Number in order for us to activate your Bank account and to complete the final process and within the next 24-Hours time your money will arrive into your Bank account, however,you will be receiving your money as soon as you send us the Scan Way Bill/Tracking Number of the shipment receipt ,You will have to ship the item to the shipping address provided by the buyer .

We are very sorry for any inconvenience or delay this may cause,we will like you to verify your bank information properly and see that there is no mistake.If there is, kindly contact us through:
{[email protected]}


Your bank account will be activated with the money immediately you send the shipment details and has been verified.This measure is taken in order to protect both seller and buyer interests and to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activities.

Here is the recent history of your Transfer Status...

Transfer SW580033989383KMS Current Percentage Done: 98%
Transfer On Pending... SHIPMENT RECEIPT PROOF Details Is Needed.....

[email protected]

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

Online Banking


Protection against fraud and misrepresentation !The Order has been APPROVED, you CAN NOW ship the merchandise to the buyer's shipping address. You are expected to make the shipment with 48 hours of receiving this Transfer Payment Approval Notification and get to our Transfer Department/ Technical Dept. with the tracking number for Shipment Verification. ... banner.jpg

Image result for director


Richard E. Waugh President &
Chief Executive Officer

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

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#370333 by Zsala Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:18 am
I can't beleive it, but i have the same fake Sabrina Beckord as a buyer. I was struggeling whit it, should i trust her, but now im 100% sure that she is fake. Thank you for your post.
#387773 by smuglor Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:31 pm
She wanted a Samsung Phone from me, too.
Her (?) new e-mail address is:
[email protected]
She even send me a photo of her identity card...
She had a weird story, that she is working on sea, bla bla bla...
The package should be sent to:
Name: Kayode Ojo
Address: Suite No. 9400 Slevacska 476 / 2A
City: Rumburk
Postcode: 40801
(Ustecky / Usti nad Labem)
Country: Czech Republic

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