Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
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Von: <[email protected]> im Auftrag von International police force <[email protected]>



To whom it may concern, this is a warning notice from bank of America in collaboration with the authorities confided by us, It is important we monitor the transaction going on in our database system, and know the status of any transaction going on especially international business trade, and when there is no evidence or proof of shipment regarding the transaction transpired which violate the protocol of the bank otherwise, legal action may be taken against you since you have not provide the shipment copy as we have requested from you on behalf of the Buyer (Richard Woods), This transaction is made secure due to the account status and protection of the community, The Authorities, Law enforcement attached with the Interpol Investigation department has joined us for the support of our Bank for maximum security and to secure of any transaction going on, base on request for the shipment copy as a proof, you are requested to send us the shipment copy for evidence, to serve as verification proof in less than 24-48 hours and your funds will be credited to your bank account or face the consequences of LEGAL ACTION.

However, at our Bank, a report as been made against you for failure to ship the item as agreed at appropriate time, your client has already contacted us in other to make report about your non response and invalid excuses which we know is an act of dubious some sellers that are serving their jail terms now did in the past before we hand them over after punishment.

We are ensuring to make our bank a safer place, we were told that you are suppose to ship the item immediately to validate the payment, but you fail to do so, therefore we need to set confidence on our users and if you don't get the item send with 24-48 hours now, all your account details, address and ID will be forwarded for further investigation, you will be charged to court, and Jail terms is minimum of 1 year due with hard labor.

Our investigation department examine that even if the money has been deposited to your account, you will not ship the item, because there is no sign of honest and trustworthy from you. According to Law rules, From IC3 we give you less than 48 hours(2 days) to get the item ship to the delivery Address given to you by your buyer, and send us the shipping copy immediately, and after we confirm and verify the shipment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your funds will be credited to your bank account within couples of hours.


Failure to Abide to this means (all your Details, address, account details, and transaction) will be forward to the assigned Legal department/Law enforcement Agency in your Country to get you Arrested first, then start the case to bring you to court of law because you are practicing Scam and attempt fraud under the act of Law, and your Bank account will be on RED FLAG, BLOCKED and INTERPOL IN-CONJUNCTION WITH THE AUTHORITIES ASSIGNED FOR THE LEGAL DEPARTMENTS will take action, In order to free yourself from this embarrassment, you are urge to make the shipment within 24 hours and send the SHIPMENT DETAILS to the Bank for them to verify, and inform us to put a stop to this LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU, If you have any comment on this issue do not hesitate to contact us. Due to the high volume of information that we receive, we are unable to reply to every submission.

Founded in 1923 to enhance international police co-operation, officers from more than 70 countries now work side by side at Interpol’s headquarters in Milan, Rome, Lyon, France, all European bureau around the world. The Interpol global police communications system, I-24/7, allows police in all member countries to access crucial data or exchange messages instantly as they investigate cross-border crime or seek the arrest of international fugitives.

There is a very high risk of fraud when dealing with unknown or uninsured institutions.

The risk is greatest when dealing with offshore or Internet Bank, but not by any means limited to these institutions. There is an annual list of unlicensed Bank but this is not a crime as we have all the information and everything about this transaction. We are using this time to ask you to go ahead with any step that they ask you to take before we take legal action on you, to avoid been cut and arrested, which can leads to Jail and penalty if you refused to proceed with what they ask you to do.

The FBI is singularly situated to combat this corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex undercover operations and surveillance.

Das Bild wurde vom Absender entfernt. ... papers.jpg

The mission: FBI, as a national independent authority, works in partnership with criminal history record custodians, end users, and policy makers to regulate and facilitate the sharing the complete, accurate, and timely criminal history records information to non criminal justice users in order to enhance public safety, welfare, and security of society while recognizing the importance of individual privacy rights.

The Compact establishes a Council to promulgate rules and procedures for the effective use of the Interstate Identification Index (III) System for non criminal justice purposes.

The goal: to make available the most complete and up-to date records possible for non criminal justice purposes.

We advice you to meet up before the time limit to avoid embarrassment.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

FBI Legal action team


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