Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
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Scammers are using DHL to scam people on autotrader canada, please be careful.
FROM THE SELLER: Ingle Anthony Edward - [email protected]

Hello, yes the car is still for sale ,thank you for your interest in my TOYOTA . It is in perfect condition, with nothing mechanically wrong, no damage, no accident, fuel type : gasoline, transmission type: automatic.The odometer shows 35500 km.I just got divorced and the vehicle was awarded to me in our divorce.I have a low price $9.000 because I want to sell it asap.I have a deployment coming up , and I will be leaving to United Kingdom soon .
I want to inform you that I am entertaining two other offers for it, so please let me know your decision as soon as possible.
Good day !

Hi again, you also should know that the vehicle is located in a storage garage at DHL transport company ,ready for a new owner, as you probably figured out from my first e-mail, I'm in the Military. Right now I am at the base in Gander, NL, preparing for deployment.I have an arrangement with DHL Protection services, so they will handle this sale for me, so my presence isn't necessary. Dealing through DHL allows you to get the vehicle first and and I will receive the payment after it reaches you. I will take care of the delivery process. Which means that you will have a 5 days INSPECTION period to inspect and test drive the vehicle before committing to buy.
This kind of "Escrow" transaction protects the seller and the buyer.
If you are interested in getting the vehicle for a test drive and a probable purchase, please reply with your contact information for DHL (full name, shipping address and phone number) , so I can have them send you the details regarding this type of deal, or I can give you their contact details , just let me know.

Good day!

***Notification*** by DHL Web Transport

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Dear customer,

We have sent you the following information about the automobile ,that was inspected by one of our local DHL agents , waiting to be shipped.

We can inform you that in deed we have a logistical,transport and a third party contract with Mr.Ingle Anthony Edward,regarding the selling and transportation of his car:

Year : 02 /2017
Km : 35000
Color : Grey met.
Owner : Ingle A. Edward
Price(EUR) : 9.000,00 CAD

Name: Ingle Anthony Edward
Address: 67 Siddon Lake Place , Rr 3
Zip: K0L 1C0
City: Bancroft
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

The package was inspected,inside, outside, documents inspection and is ready to be shipped to a possible customer,that could be you,if you are willing to make the payment to our account.

Our accredited agent have verified the car,and we can confirm you the authenticity of the documents,the registration number plates,service book , out side and inside verification.

The car will be delivered with all the ownership and Canadian registration documents :
- Driver’s license(copy)
-A completed used vehicle information package
-Proof of purchase such as a receipt or bill of sale
-Proof of auto insurance from a licensed insurance co.
-The original vehicle permit from the seller with the transfer portion completed
-The plate portion of the permit

We have to inform you that in deed there are no additional transport costs.

The 9.000.00 CAD is the total amount ,that will have to be paid into our account so we can be able ship the car,to your address,once the car have been delivered,you will be able to inspect and drive the car for 5 days , before you decide if you will keep the car or not .

In case you will not accept the car , DHL International ,we commit ourselves that in 3 working days you will have your money back into your account , and we will deliver the car back to the seller at its expense .

DHL International,will guarantee 100% your 9.000.00CAD deposit,the condition of the car,the documents,and the transport of the TOYOTA CAMRY .

The transport , and the car will have full insurance , in case of transport damage or if any damage occurs in your 5 days driving test period.

We have to inform you that for now this service , Web shipping by DHL International ,allows us to keep contact with our customers only by direct e-mail , to avoid any misunderstandings.

We can inform you as well , that from the moment the 9.000,00 CAD payment is made , in max. 4 working days the car will be delivered to you by the local DHL .

In order to continue the purchase , please give us your agreement or confirm, that you are willing to continue the purchase.

***Your name and address were forwarded to us by the seller***

By giving your consent, we will process your personal data only for your useful purpose and only for this transaction.

After we have your confirmation we will send you the invoice with our account details , for the 9.000,00CAD where it should be paid .

If you have any other questions regarding the purchase, the transport , payment, or the car,please feel free to ask.

We will be waiting for your reply.

DHL International Ca
6200 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V7, Canada
represented by:
DHL International UK - Head office
1 Horton Rd, Slough SL3 0BB, London, United Kingdom


Good Day!

DHL Customer Service.

In order to help us with better being useful to you, thank you to take a few moments to fill the Important form with satisfaction: If you wish to answer this e-mail, thanks for using the function "to answer" your transport while taking care to leave the reference of the file in the object of e-mail.

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Payment Request

DHLWorldwide Express Package Confirmation and Payment Request Form

Dear customer,
The payment CAD 9.000,00 should be sent into our accredited Bank Account:
Holder Name: D.H.L. Gani
Account number: 32665557
Swift code (BIC): HBUKGB4112F
Sort code: 40-45-24
Iban: GB25HBUK40452432665557

*Invoice for the following merchandise:
Description : Autovehicle - TOYOTA CAMRY
: Year - 2017
: Colour - Silver m.
: Price - 9.000,00 CAD
Condition : No faults , No dents , No damage , In perfect working order.

The package will be shipped out within 6-8 hours after you'll wire the money to us and you will have a free delivery to your home address in max. 4 working days.
After the payment was done please send us a reply to this e-mail with the scanned paper.

After we will receive your payment details we will start the procedure and the car will be sent to your address as soon as possible.

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