Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#390645 by Michelle Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:57 pm
Notification via PayPal <[email protected]>

You've received an instant payment

This e-mail confirms that you have received an Instant payment from Philip Gray via PayPal MERCHANDISE Payment Service.

Note from Philip Gray:
I have paid for the item as we have agreed . Cheers.

View the details of this pending transaction below
Transaction Summary

Sent From Philip Gray
[email protected]

Once the money's in your account, you can:
Spend the money online at thousands of shops that accept PayPal.
Withdraw it from your bank account.
Transfer the money to a credit card.
The above sum that was transferred to you by Philip Gray has been fully deducted from the payee's account which includes the Transport/Delivery
Charges and is ready to be transferred into your your own account, but before the transaction can be finalised you would have to pay the Transport Charges
to the Transport Company. Due to the sum of money involved, we have to take an extra step to protect the account holder(s).

Below is a step by step guide on how to make the transfer:
1. Visit your nearest MoneyGram office/ Outlet and request a MoneyGram sending form.
2. Choose their Money in Minutes service.
3. Enter the receiver's name and address provided below.
4. Pay with your Credit Card or Cash.
5. You'll get a receipt. Attach and email a scanned copy of the receipt to us/type out the details on the receipt such as : Sender's Name; Sender's Address & MTCN Number.

Transport Agent (MSC UKR):

City : Lviv
State: Lviv
Country: UKRAINE
Postal Code : 79007

Yours sincerely,

If you are reading this because you have received a similar fake invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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