Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#391055 by Pawel Ozieblowski Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:52 am
Hey Guys

I almost get caught by the guy who wanted to buy an iPhone from me on e-marketplace in Poland. How he got there no idea. But I've found that he is the villain on this site ScamWarners (thank you for existing btw).

Firstly I had a suspicion how someone from UK could find out the polish small kind of eBay site (only in polish). Thing is that this site is like marketplace - You just put up stuff in there and someone call you or text you and there is no auction and agreement literally. So this guy or whoever he is wrote me on WhatsApp as couple other people did with attractive proposals for my item - iPhone XS. Offering more Than its worth actually. But I thought that maybe the thing that couple of people writing to me simultaneously created emotions and some kind of actions that he or she (because had the picture of a girl in avatar) overreacted and maybe in UK iPhones cost more ?? Wasn't sure, checked it later that iPhones Xs 64GB costs between 800-900 pounds while this person offered me couple hundreds more. This is the photo and phone number of this person below. Sorry guys that im using to upload images but have no other idea how to do it now. Don't worry its not a scam :)

What caught my attention later again was that this person was in such hurry: "Give me your bank accounts details, etc", so I asked this person to give me the email what would be easier for me and that was really weird email: [email protected]. Later after reply it appeared as Mark Sapp. Earlier it had Marco Silva under that photo of a girl and his shipping address was:

Martin Wright
184A High Street
London Colney

So I asked him if he is Martin, Mark or Marco , he said Martin and Mark is his other name. Later he changed the name on WhatsApp to Martin. Of course I started to looking out for email address , phone number and shipping address and nothing I've found besides your site ...thankfully

Today he sent me the picture from the bank and invoice which is probably fake - am I able to verify it in Tesco Bank ? is there any phone number ? this is the invoice im pasting below. Can you help me out and assure me in this situation?


You've received wire transfer 5,000.00 PLN from Martin Wright.

We are contacting you regarding the transfer that was placed by Martin Wright in your favor, The total amount of 5,000.00 PLN was paid to your account as payment of an auction item and it has been Approved and the payment details are stated below.


I was using this uploading images site , sorry for inconvenience again. Please help me out

Thank You
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