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Hsbc Bank confirmation department, We confirm that the transfer made by one of our clients sadowski sylwester '; [email protected] '' to Your Account is 100% authentic and has been approved to be crediting into your Santander Totta bank account upon verification of shipment. You are to Mail us the Shipment tracking number so That We can Credit Your Account Immediately , Here is The Routing Code Confirmation for this Transfer # (418 Ensure shipping is made only to the shipping information on this confirmation email only and Send shipment tracking number to us ONLY .Do not provide the buyer with the shipment tracking code until we credit your bank account. Mail the shipment tracking code to our (Customer Service +)[email protected]

You are to send the shipping tracking number to us for verification so as to secure buyer's purchase as well as yours.The funds have been deducted from sadowski sylwester 's account and shall be credited into your account immediately the shipment is confirmed by our management as Auction terms and policy to verify international shipping before account crediting due to fraudulent sellers who don't post out item after their accounts have been credited. Below are requested shipping details.

Name Of Courier Service:
Tracking Number or scan receipt:

We have rigorously examined and confirmed the Payment to be VALID. You are required to carry out the shipping now and within 6 hours your bank account can be credited.Go ahead and create the shipment to the buyers desired shipping address below only

Shipping information

Name :Sadowski Sylwester [email protected]

Address : flat 0 / 1, 1 Hamiltonhill Gardens,

City : Glasgow

Postal code : G22 5PR

Land : Scotland , United Kingdom

Important Note: We have confirmed and verified the postage address provided by Craig Marshall, please send the item to the above address only for transaction to be Valid. For any questions Regarding this transfer, contact us [email protected]

Thank you for using Hsbc Bank!
The Hsbc Bank Online Team.
Learn more about Hsbc Bank.

If you are reading this because you have received a similar fake invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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