Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#52471 by danobae Tue May 03, 2011 11:39 am
This was in response to a add on kijiji from [email protected]
Thanks a lot for your mail and your kind interest for my Apple iPhone. From the beginning I must tell you that it's brand new in original sealed box and it have full warranty. The price that I'm asking for it is $518. I will not negotiate the price. I am a single mother with 2 children and I want to sell it fast, because I'm so busy with the children and my job and I don't have time to stay and meet with all my potential buyers, I gave it to a shipping company (DHL) that will ship it to the next owner. I want to tell you that the delivery process is payed by me and all of my transactions until now were made under eBay Buyer Protection and for that I wish that we make this deal also with eBay Buyer Protection.

If you're interested to purchase, just email me with your full name, shipping address (street, city, postal code) and your phone number, so I can notify eBay that you are selected as my buyer and they will contact you with further information regarding payment, shipping and explain the entire procedure.


I am glad we can move on, I have already forwarded your information's to eBay Buyer Protection and they will contact you in the shortest time with all the details. I am hoping that after receiving their notification we'll go to the next step a.s.a.p. Please after receiving their invoice just mail me back and confirm if we have a deal in order for me to start the arrangements for the shipping process.


Dear , the seller Dianne Schaufenbuel started the transaction over the eBay Buyer Protection cover!
Apple iPhone 4 -[32GB]- White

Buy It Now $518.00 including the fees from WU
Sale date: 03-May-11
Buyer Name:

Buyer's postal address:

Shipping: Paid by seller
Item description: Brand new in original sealed box and it have full warranty.
(If the item does not match with the description, you can return it to the seller with no obligations)
Five easy steps to complete your eBay transaction:

Buyer and seller agree to terms: Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price and number of days for the buyer's inspection.

Buyer sends payment to our agent, using his name and address: The buyer submits a payment, our agency verifies the payment. Processing time for payments is 24 hours.

Seller send item to buyer: Upon payment verification we have the authorization from seller to ship the item and submit tracking information. eBay verifies that the buyer receives the item.

Buyer receives item: The buyer has 5 days to verify the item and the option to accept or reject.

eBay pays Seller: eBay pays the Seller. The transaction is complete. If the buyer is not satisfied, he must notify our agency with the item issues, after the inspection period. A solution to most problems can usually be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller. If this is not possible, the buyer will receive the money from our trust account. In case the buyer refuse to continue the transaction with the seller from other reasons, our agency will return the funds to the buyer in maximum 1 - 2 days depending by his location and also the available payment method.

How to make the payment !

Locate the nearest Western Union Office.Click here to find the nearest Western Union office.

You have to fill out a Western Union sending money form, which you can find it at the Post Office.You have to put into the sender`s box your name and your address and into the receiver`s box our agent details.

Give the form, the money(cash), and a proof of identity to the clerk. Transfer fees can be deducted from the amount your are sending. The seller agreed and signed this clause into the contract so there won`t be any problems.

The clerk will give you a payment receipt which you have to fax it so we can begin the shipping process.

Payment must be sent through Western Union service to our verified agent below:

First Name: Rodney
Last Name: Thomas
Street: 100 Church Street,
City/State: Middlesex
Zip code: TW18 4DQ
Country: United Kingdom
*Note: If you need at the office a phone number you can provide our fax number.

When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. Payment verification process usually takes less than 6-12 hours. After payment is secured, the shipping process will be started. The buyer will receive a tracking number of the shipment in maximum 48 hours. The funds will not be released under any circumstances. We will hold the payment until you will send us your confirmation that you have received, inspected and you agree to keep the item. When we will have your confirmation we will transfer the funds to the seller.
Do not forget to inform us by fax that you have sent the payment, and provide all the information required to collect the money:

The amount sent (in local currency)
MTCN (10 digits number from the payment receipt)
Your details (first and last name, address, ZIP code, city and country)
Fax the Western Union receipt to eBay Customer Support at: +1 (206) 600-4583

Marketplace Safety Tip

Pay with Western Union. It's the easy and fast way to pay online, and it lets you shop without sharing your financial details with sellers. Western Union also offers up to $50,000.00 of free purchase protection on qualified eBay purchases.


You can use Western Union services at all Canadian Post outlets, numerous grocery and drug stores, currency exchanges and anywhere you see the Western Union logo.
If your item does not match with the description mentioned, you can cancel the deal and send it back on the seller's cost.

Haven"t paid for this, I thought from the start it could be a scam, she would not answer any specific questions. I did give them my name address and phone (is that bad?) the last email was from [email protected]
and used ebay logos, headings and icons, as soon as i saw payment through western union i was certain this was a scam am I correct?
Please advise

#52472 by Arnold Tue May 03, 2011 12:17 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners. You are quite correct in thinking that it's a scam.
Western Union does not provide an escrow service or free purchase protection on Ebay transactions. It's for use between people who know each other personally only.

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