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#402776 by Michelle Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:58 am
HSBC Bank Plc <[email protected]

We are contacting you regarding the transfer that was placed by Dayo in your favor, The total amount of


was paid to your account by Dayo as payment of an auction item and it has been Approved and the payment details are stated below.____________________________________________________________________________________

Payment Details
Transaction ID: # 2383-0782-6603-0083
Transaction Date: 7-January-2019Payment Method:Account Number: XXXX-XXXX-0036 Payment Status:PAYMENT APPROVED OK Money Transfer From:Bank Name: HSBC Bank INTAccount Name: DayoAccount Number : XXXX-XXXX-0036Sort Code : 01003260
Bank Branch: 1 Herbert Terrace, Penarth CF64 2AH, UK
E-Mail: [email protected] Money Transferred TO:Bank Name:
Account Name:
IBAN No. :
Expected Payout Location:

Transfer Current Percent%:

Transfer status : ITALY

Delivery Information:Name : DayoAddress: 71, Fair way DriveCity,State,Zip-Code Thamesmead, SE288QU
United KingdomTransaction type: Purchase Item Information:Item Title: CameraQuantity: 1 UnitDelivery Method: UPS/DPD/HERMESBilling Summary:Transfer Amount:


Transfer Fees: + 10.00 EURPromotion Discount: - 0.00 EUR Total: €410.00EUR

Transfer Summary:Estimated Exchange Rate: 1EUR =1EUREstimated Transfer Amount: €400.00EUR
Estimated Total to Receiver:


Current status: APPROVED TRANSFER Please Read Carefully: The total amount above has been deducted from Dayo account , To this effect he or she has no right to withdraw or claim money back and fund will be credited into your account immediately the shipment is confirmed from you. Get back to us with the shipping tracking or reference number for verification proposes, Once shipment tracking code have been verified money will be credited into your Bank account immediately. Do not provide the buyer with the shipment tracking code until we credit your account. Mail the shipment tracking code to our customer care only at : [email protected]

Important Note: We have confirmed and verified the postage address provided by Dayo, please send the item to the above address only for transaction to be Valid. For any questions Regarding this transfer, contact us [email protected]

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HSBC Bank PLC. Registered in UK. Registered no. 1052127.
Branch Registered in UK.
Branch Registered office: 1 Herbert Terrace, Penarth CF64 2AH, UK

HSBC Email ID BBP327.

If you are reading this because you have received a similar fake invoice, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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