Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#418623 by Michelle Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:02 am
From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Shipping address - Confirmed
Name: Jeffery Aston
Address: 68 Robina Close, Ilford
Town/City: Essex
Post-Code: IG6 3AL
Country: United-Kingdom.

Issues with this transaction?
This PayPal® payment has been successfully deducted from the buyer's (Miriam Navarro) account and has been "APPROVED" but will not be credited into your account until the shipment reference/tracking number is sent to us for shipment verification so as to secure both the buyer and the seller.
Since the money has been deducted from the buyer's account and can not be REVERSED into her account in any way rather than to be credited into your account. But before your account will be credited, you should get the item shipped within "24 hours" and Send tracking number or SCAN the receipt of shipment to us via this mail and our customer service care will attend to you for shipment verification. As soon as you send us the shipment's tracking number or the SCANNED receipt of shipment for verification purposes and the safety of the buyer and seller and we are able to track and confirm the shipment, the money will be credited to your account immediately.
This payment is still pending on our database due to our new policy that have just been implemented. Before we release this money into your account, you are to get the item shipped to the specified buyer's address within "24 hours" and send the tracking number OR the SCANNED receipt of shipment to our customer care, you can only confirm this transaction on this care.

For any inquiry, contact PayPal shipment verification department.

Thank You For Using PayPal!
The PayPal Team.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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