Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
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[quote]from: Patrick Joseph Gill <[email protected]>
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Good day,
About your interest in the smart forTwo from autoscout.
The car is still there, full of history service, very good condition and all in perfect condition, see the interior and exterior view great, no accidents. I had to move because of the decision of my company to Dublin / Ireland. I have already received a new car from the company and I need here no left-handed. In addition, there are many things that now have priority, so this car needs to go. The price would be 5.500 euros.
Due to the fact that I am very busy with my work and I do not stay too much at home, we left the car to an Escrow Company (trust company) so that it can be delivered to the new owner. If you are interested, I need your delivery address, so I can calculate shipping (I agree to pay the transportation costs from 50 to 50, if that is suitable for you).

Kind regards
Patrick Joseph Gill
Everyone must remember this is a scammer, I've been scammed for thousands of euros.
I'm a victim of this case.
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from: Patrick Joseph Gill <[email protected]>
Good day,
I have attached pictures with specifications. I just checked out with and it will cost me about 500 euros to deliver the car to Italy.
The final price including delivery is 5.750 and I think is a fair price for both of us. I will cover half of the delivery fee as I said in my previous email.
The car has German registration and my location is still Dublin, Ireland. We can do everything through the transport company,, they are taking care of everything and they can arrange a delivery to your address. If you decide to buy the car I will need your full details (Full name, Address, Phone number). As soon as I have your details I will pass them to the transport company and they will start the procedure. Next step they will get in touch with you and send you an invoice for the car, the tracking number to check the status of the delivery at any time and all the rest of the transaction details. After you've received the invoice you'll need to make the payment by bank transfer to the transport company (NOT to me) and they will hold the money into their bank account until you receive, inspect and agree to keep the car. For the buyer's peace of mind I've also added a 5 DAYS REFUND POLICY so if you don't like the car, you'll receive a full refund, no fees or taxes deducted. If the car is not as described, the transport company will transfer the money back into your bank account. If you decide to keep the car after the 5 days inspection period, you will need to sign the owner's transfer papers and only then I will get the money from the transport company.

VIN: WME4533421K108388
HSN: 1313

accident free
Category small car
17,000 km
Displacement 999 cc
Power 52 kW (71 hp)
Fuel type gasoline
≈ 4.1 l / 100km (combined)
≈ 4.7 l / 100km (urban)
≈ 3.7 l / 100km (out of town)
CO₂ emissions
≈ 94 g / km (combined)
Number of seats 2
Number of doors 2/3
Transmission automatic
Emission class Euro6
Environmental badge: 4 (Green)
First registration 04/2016
Air conditioning (climate control
Airbags front and side airbags
Color Black Metallic
Interior Fabric, Black

If you receive a similar document or email, it must be a scammer. Never trade.
Scammers will provide a series of fake documents and information, as well as fake addresses and IDs.
I was one of the victims.
Never buy a car online.
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