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#425650 by Michelle Mon May 24, 2021 5:52 pm
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Jeg er ked af det, men jeg svarer dig på engelsk, fordi jeg ikke taler dansk meget godt.
Svar venligst på engelsk, hvis du kan.

I have listed below the main details about the car:

Price: 49900 Kr (including Danish VAT, VAT is deductible), Danish Registrationfee Included
Porsche Cayenne Turbo Aut. Van
17. April 2003
450 HK (331 kw)
242.000 km

Nummerplade: CR 58 246
You can check the car details with the number plate here:

Please see the link with the car`s pictures: ... ZXOwDzKUI8

The interior is in perfect condition, everything works. never had any problems with the engine and the car has no accidents, no rust, no dents. Was properly serviced and stored, I have all the manuals and the original documents.
The brakes, oil, brake fluid, all filters were replaced, freon level was adjusted, all this was done 2 months ago. The car will come with winter/summer tires included in the price: 40% usage for summer and 20% usage for winter tires.
The service book is also complete. This is a normal vehicle with Danish papers (Vehicle registered in Denmark) as well as Denmark number plate.

Please let me know if you are interested.

[email protected]:

OK, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Med. Samulenas Gediminas and I`m 43 years old. I`m originally from Lithuania.
I`m Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, I could single out facial aesthetics, which is the most complex and interesting field for me in aesthetic surgery. However, I am not limited to that, I perform various plastic surgeries. At work, I follow the principles of professional aesthetic medicine - everything down to the smallest detail is important. As I strive for the highest results, I focus on the quality of the work performed and patient comfort.
You can search for me on YouTube as well :).

About the car, I`m the owner. The car is located in Hjørring, Denmark, I have a vacation home in Denmark but my plans have changed now. I received an offer to buy a vacation home in Stockholm, Sweden for a very good price and I decided to sell my car and my vacation home from Denmark.
I already found a buyer for my house so now I`m in a hurry to sell the car as soon as possible, this is why I`m selling for a low price.

As I said, the car is at the Escrow Company depot in Hjørring, Denmark but I`m in Lithuania.
Last time when I wanted to sell the car I came to Denmark and no one showed up, so I lost time and money and because of this I had to bring the car in Lithuania with me.
Due to my job, my time is very limited and most of the time I have work or traveling for medical research, so, it`s very very difficult for me to handle the sale myself, therefore I decided to conduct the sale through an Escrow Company.


I have a lot of people interested, so please let me know your answer and I will explain to you the sale process in more detail.

Med. Samulenas Gediminas

[email protected]:

I want to do this through an Escrow Company.
Basically, I set up the transaction with the company and they will email the tracking number of the shipping, payment terms, arrival estimation and other details (Contract / Proforma Invoice).
You pay Escrow Company (the total price of the car 49,900 Kr) and then Escrow company delivers the car at any address you want in 6-7 days (depending on your location).

So, after you receive the car, you will have 5 days to inspect it and for whatever reason you are not satisfied, Escrow company will refund you. Before viewing or until you give them the "ok" to buy the car Escrow Company will not send me any money, they put the funds on hold.

If you like the car you will sign the contract of sale and the Escrow company agent will help you with the papers to become the new owner.

I believe this is the best way to do this and safest for both of us.

For me to start the process I need the below details:
- Your full name:
- Address where you want to receive the car:
- Your mobile number:
- A valid copy of your ID/Driver License or Passport:

I`m ready to start the process once I get the above details. So, I am looking forward to doing business with you.

All the best,
Med. Samulenas Gediminas

[email protected]:
Please use this address:
8 Lansdowne Row
London, Greater London, W1J 6DU

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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