Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#428424 by Michelle Wed Oct 06, 2021 9:55 am
From: "Mr. Benjamin" < [email protected] >


VERY IMPORTANT !!!!! Please write that it is a GIFT and ZERO PRICE to pay no tax. (Mark X as a gift / gift box)
Delivery after Brexit will be the same, only a few euros more expensive than in Zone 2, no VAT, no customs, nothing else as long as it is marked as a gift.
Please wrap up extra well, the money is on its way to you, PayPal has taken it from my account.
For security reasons, the money will stay with PayPal and it will be transferred to your account when you prove that you sent the package.
PayPal will also email you to confirm that I have paid and that you can start shipping because PayPal now has my money.
The money will be available in your account after you send the package to my address.
Here is the copy of the email I received from paypal (sometimes the emails from PayPal go to SPAM / MULL)

Please check your PayPal email for the PayPal email confirmation (sometimes this goes to the SPAM folder).
Please READ the email, there you will also find my address.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities


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