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eBay Motors [email protected]

You are receiving this email because Amia Ward has selected eBay Money Back Guarantee to handle a secure online transaction with you.


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How To Make The Payment:


§ Payment must be submitted via eBay Cards and they can be purchased with cash at thousands of stores nationwide.

§ Through eBay Cards services we can guarantee you 100% protection and insurance in this transaction. eBay will secure the payment until the buyer receives, inspects and accepts the item. Or, if it will be the case, eBay will refund the payment to the buyer.

§ For security reasons the eBay Cards needs to be completed in person at any Rite Aid, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Albertsons, Best Buy, Fred Meyer, K-mart, Kroger, Ralph's, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Walgreens and anywhere you see the eBay Cards sign. The cashier will collect your cash and load it into the eBay Cards. Just purchase your eBay Cards, use cash to load it and you are ready to go. In order to avoid any mistakes when buying the eBay Cards, you need to purchase the scratchable cards.

For your purchase you need to buy as many eBay Cards as you need in order to complete the total price of the item (For example: For a payment of $500.00 you need to buy 2 ” eBay Cards” vouchers of $200.00 and 1 ” eBay Cards” vouchers of $100.00 ). In order to avoid any mistakes please be careful to buy the eBay Cards (see example below). You can purchase eBay Cards from different retailer stores.

NOTE! Once you bought the eBay Cards and loaded the debit, you have to confirm your payment by replying to this e-mail with the eBay Card codes, you need to scratch off the back of each card and type the 13 digits code or attach a photo with the back of the card.

Payment Guarantee Policy

· 1. Buyer and seller agree to terms

· Both parties agree the terms and conditions of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price and number of days for the buyer's inspection of the item.

· 2. Buyer Pays eBay

· The buyer submits payment via eBay Cards. Processing time for payments is less than 12 hours.

· 3. eBay ships the item

· Upon payment verification, eBay starts the shipping process. eBay verifies that the buyer receives the item. The inspection period begins once the item is delivered.

· To protect you against the risk of liability, eBay holds the buyer's funds pursuant to the terms of the eBay Money Back Guarantee Program Policy, and any other agreement entered between eBay and its customers. When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. After payment is secured, eBay ships the item to the buyer.

· eBay's Payment Guarantee Policy is a unique benefit that offers you protection from unwarranted refunds, allowing you to accept more high risk orders. For all eligible transactions, we will completely reimburse you for any refunds resulting from claims of unauthorized purchases and non-receipt of goods.

· eBay sends an invoice to a buyer only after our Financial Department has verified all the following information:

· -paperwork of the vehicle, including ownership and clear title

· -seller's information and proof of ID

· -Possession of the vehicle that is being sold.

· The item is currently stored in our storage facility #11 in Hamilton, MT

Once the item is delivered, the buyer has a seven ( 7 ) days inspection period. After the inspection period is over, the buyer will contact eBay with the results of the inspection. If, for any reason, the item does not pass the Purchaser's inspection, it will be returned to the seller, on seller's expense and the funds will be returned to the buyer, in full within 24 hours.
For safety reasons the payment details will be dealt with the utmost security and will not be handed to any third parties. eBay will be in full control of the funds as soon as it reaches our trust fund account, so we will be able to protect and guarantee your funds. Once the funds have been sent to our trust fund account, no one but the Purchaser will have access to it.

eBay will release the funds to the Seller only after the Purchaser receives and agrees with the item.

*For any questions related to your sales contact eBay Financial Department by replying to this email.

© 2022 eBay Inc., 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities


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