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#74303 by wheeliepainful Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:53 am
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just a quick one, look out for this email address - [email protected]. I am currently having fun with him after he email us via autotrader. All the normal signs for a scam. Can post the emails if need be.

#74308 by Dotti Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:17 am
Please do post the emails, as scammers often reuse the same emails, even when they change names.

If you are playing with this scammer, I hope that you are not doing it with any information that traces to your real life identity. You can check out our scambaiting site, for information about safety when playing with scammers (plus lots of tools to make it more interesting.)

Need to post photos?
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#74322 by wheeliepainful Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:26 pm
I can use my details as I work in the motor trade and all of my emails are sent out with our details. We are a large motorcycle dealer, that has seen and heard it all. Plus there is no details that can't be found on the internet, but normally I would be a lot more careful.

I don't have his orginal email as it was sent via our autotrader account, but following is the converstaion.
#74324 by wheeliepainful Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:28 pm
Hello Andy,

The best price that we can do on the Piaggio Liberty is £1300. Where are you based? Would you need delivery?

If you have any questions, please call us on Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles.

Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles


Thank you for your quick response ....... Its starting price is well with me .... I want to go to your place to display the item, but not both because of the nature of my work. . I have about two of my clients who are interested of them had responded very positively and is ready to send the payment ..
I added to my Board and shipping to your asking price, any amount that is above its starting price less the payment was transferred to me by my commission expenses.

I understand that the payment is cleared before organizing the collection and shipping of the item ..

Please provide the following information in the following I will ask my client to send the payment to you and I also send me your address and the shipping company to contact you for shipping as soon as it clears your bank. .


1). Your full name ....... you want on the check?

(2) .. Your complete address ....... that the check be sent?

(3) .. Home and mobile phone #..... So in the ring I access my computer?

Once we receive this information, I will ensure that you receive the payment in 2-3 days. I understand that any profit I make from this is how I use it for a living.


Hello Andy,

Are you sure that you don't want to view the item in the showroom? We have had a lot of interest in it recently and if you would like to hold the bike, we can take a small deposit via card (say £50). Then we will happily look at sorting out the rest of the payment via any means that you like.

I have no issues with you selling the machine for a profit if you like. If you can phone me on Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles to make the payment. Please send me your address so that I can raise the invoice.

Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles





The address of the business is

Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles Motorcycles

The names of the business is Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles


Payment on the way, if you recieved the cheque
alert me.


Is the cheque a bankers draft or a personal cheque? If personal, we would have to wait 10 days to make sure the funds clear. Equally, can I confirm that the cheque is for the correct amount as displayed on the advert?

Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles Motorcycles


Thanks for your kindness.
just let me know when you recieved the cheque mr Removed identifying information. ~Bubbles.

#74553 by wheeliepainful Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:49 am
Our wonderful scammer has sent me a cheque.

It is from a company call Salter Rex which is a really company based in London. The address across the top however is mistyped and the postcode is wrong. The address for the Barclays Branch in the middle of the cheque is the address for a cash point. Also it has written on the cheque that is it is a Barclays Bank PLC checkprint, however all the writing on the cheque (amount, payee etc) is handwritten. Just a warning!!!!!
#74589 by Bubbles Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:57 pm
How was it delivered to you? If by postal service, they would be interested in the envelope.

I do want to say to you and anyone else, receiving any package from a scammer is not the best thing to d as it isn't safe. The scammer who is a criminal and may have criminal contacts in your area has your location.

I really strongly suggest and recommend you stop communicating with this scammer / criminal. You have disclosed a lot about yourself even here which I have removed. I am concerned with what you have allowed the scammer / criminal to know about you too.

Stop communicating with him totally! If you want to learn how to safely mess with (bait) scammers go to our sister site: I hope you will heed my advice.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.
#74834 by wheeliepainful Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:15 am
The cheque via the post, however the evelope was thrown away by our accounts department.

In regards to what information I have given away, all they know is my name and the address of a huge motorcycle showroom. All this information can be found online via the advert that he reponded to with no effort. In truth it prive how stupid he is that he has missed this vital fact!!!!
#74841 by Arnold Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:56 am
Our point is that he has the name and address of someone that is messing him about, something that criminals don't like. And they sometimes retaliate. Usually by misusing your email address, say by getting it sent loads of spam. And it's not impossible that he knows someone in your vicinity prepared to heave a brick or worse through your showroom window. It's not worth the risk.

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