Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#132454 by pipo334 Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:54 am
I am 99% sure that this is another scam on

Vehicle Details:
Audi A4 allroad quattro 2.0 TDI DPF
Price: 19,673 EUR
First Registration Date: 04/2009
Mileage: 78,324 km
Power: 125 kW (170 PS)
Go to the ad by clicking the following link:

email and names of the scammer:

Lucas Modrik
3 Rabling Road
Swanage , BH19 1EB
United Kingdom

Tel : +44 740 588 9347
Email: [email protected]

This is a classic scam scheme! Although the web address of the "shipping" company may look as real to most of people I am 99% sure this is a scam! I've told him that I have a friend living nearby and he may go and inspect the car and there is no sign of Lucas anymore!
This was hi proposal:

The car and all papers are located in Swanage Dorset ( United Kingdom ) sealed to the shipping company ( Traildec LTD - ) ready to be delivered. The delivery to Bulgaria will be included in price . I already signed a contract with the company and I paid all the taxes and I have no interest in loosing that amount of money . The car is ready to be delivered to any location ( directly to your address ) .

This is the only way and my only condition in this transaction.

1) First of all I need your shipping information ( full name , address and phone number ).

2) After I receive your info , I'll contact the shipping company and I will tell them to start the transaction .

3) The shipping company will check the car , also the legal papers to see that everything is OK with it .

4) You will receive a notification from the shipping company as a confirmation that the car is in their custody and also has been tested . You will get a Control number to check online your shipment . You get also a Contract which you will have to sign , so everything can be legal.
5) For shipping they will use a car trailer and will not late more than 4-5 days . The car will come with the documents and service book in original . They will ask you to make a deposit payment as a guarantee before starting the shipping procedure . You will have to confirm your payment by bank account to them and this money will be kept in a protection account until your final decision . You will have to deposit 20% from total amount ( 3,720 EUR ) . If something happend with my car ( accidents or someone stole it ) , the car will be insured and i will get the money from the insurance company .

6) The shipping company will verify the payment , and if everything is in order, they will deliver the car to your address .

7) After you will receive the car and you will be completely satisfied with it , you will tell to the shipping company your decision . You have 5 days to inspect it and take a decision.

There is also a refund policy included , in case that you do not agree with the car condition . They just refund your money back by the same way ( bank account ). In this way there will be avoided any kind of problem which comes from the buyer such as from the seller!

Here you have my phone number where i can be reached anytime: +44 740 588 9347

#138261 by lemaire Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:07 pm
the same man for a mercedes Klasse R :=)


Ich habe gerade Ihre Nachricht bezüglich den - 2009 Mercedes-Benz R 320 CDI 4Matic 7G-TRONIC Sport . Ich hatte einen Arbeitsvertrag in Deutschland gehabt , habe ein Auto gebraucht und habe dieses gekauft . Es ist ein deutsches Auto mit deutschen Zulassungspapieren und alle Steuern bezahlt . Das Auto ist in einwandfreiem Zustand innen und außen , nie in Unfallen gewesen . Auf der Website der Preis ist verhandelter, so mein letzter Preis ware 21.400 EUR

Das Auto befindet sich jetzt in Swanage Dorset (UK) .

Um dieses Auto zu verkaufen , gibt es zwei möglichkeiten:

1. Ich kann das Auto zu Ihnen nach Hause liefern mit einer Ladung Sattelzeug . Sie werden 5 Tage Zeit haben , das Auto zu testen und inspizieren . Ddie Lieferung im Preis enthalten . Die Lieferzeit beträgt CA. 4-5 Tage (abhängig von Ihrem Standort) . Wir werden auch einen Vertrag mit Ihnen machen vor der Auslieferungen , so dass die Transaktionen juristisch sein konnen.

2. Sie können nach Swanage Dorset (UK) kommen , mit mir treffen und hier das Auto testen und gemeinsam zum Vertreter gehen , um das Auto zu inspizieren . Wenn es fur Ihnen alles passt , nur dann das Auto bezahlen .

Ich bitte Ihnen, wenn Sie auf English beantworten konnten , ware fur mich besser.

Alles Gute aus dem alten England , und hoffe , von Ihnen bald zu hören !

Best Regards ,
Lucas Modrik
3 Rabling Road
Swanage , BH19 1EB
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]

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