Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#198476 by kellykelly Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:19 am
First of all, I have thank for Royal Bank of Canada has online live chat service, that's how I revealed the scam in the first place.

It was just happened I was selling a watch, and there came this email at the right moment I thought: what a good offer for a reasonable price to buy my watch! By the time I was about to send out in an hour but still felt a bit suspected so that quickly checked with the bank swindler mentioned, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and fortunately saved back my brand watch.

This guy named "James Andrew"
Email address: [email protected]
Shipping detail he provided:
Name:- Frank Andrew.
Address:- No 20 Obafemi Awolowo Way Sapon
City :-Abeokuta
State :-Ogun State
Zip Code:-23403

His bank transferred account details:
Full Name:-TU KUANG – LU
Swift Code:-CTCBTWTP185
Account Number:-691530017707

The brief story is he kept mentioning he was a trustworthy businessman, this watch would be sent to his son as a birthday gift in Nigeria but he currently lived in Canada. Therefore, asked me to wrap it well as a gift look (what a service). His money had sent to his bank ( while instructing by his bank manager about processing international deal--- sound pretty naive ) and I would soon received a letter from his bank, Royal Bank of Canada and instructed me for further steps. And promptly, the next day, I had have received the email letter from bank. In the letter, it looks quite formal which had my bank account details and his bank account details with personal shipping information.

What skeptical was in the letter from bank told me to scan the shipment receipt and shipping code to verify the deal, after that my account would be credited and money would be transferred to my account within 24 - 72 hours. If I have any question about money transmittance from him, please contact with his bank for customer service: [email protected].

The key thing I found this was a scam was the email address. When I checked with RBC bank about their email address, they said, every email address from them are ended with "" so that this was clearly a fraud in the first place. Secondly, RBC does not in charge of holding money from customers. Hence, I finally realized this was a true fraud! Since I am not from American continent or Europe, do not know the norms of bank services out there, messages like this could really be deceived. Emails below for everyone's reference.
N.B. My email is, this can be another reason to attract these "swindling attacks".

[Email 1]
Sent by: James Andrew ([email protected])


Thanks for your response, First thing First i want to let you know that Trust is business so its will be cool if we Trust each other in starting of this business, Once again my Name his Mr. James Andrew, Am right now in CANADA for a purpose, I really need this particular item for my Son schooling in (West Africa Nigeria ) as a birthday gift.

Am ready to offer you the sum of NT$ 8,000.00 for This item (+) The shipping cost through (EMS SPEED POST OFFICE) to my Son
address below.

Name:- Frank Andrew.
Address:- No 20 Obafemi Awolowo Way Sapon
City :-Abeokuta
State :-Ogun State
Zip Code:-23403

I will be paying through Bank to Bank Transfer to your account, My bank manager informed me that The Money Transfer will only take 24 to 72 hours to your account, If you wish to sell this item for me kindly get back to me with your bank details as listed below.

Full Name
Bank Name
Account Number
Item Name

Awaiting your response.


[Email 2]
Sent by: James Andrew ([email protected])

Good Day,,

Payment Made, I hope you have gotten an Approval Confirmation email from My Bank (Royal Bank of Canada) That your Money as been Approved, Check Your In Box mail, Spam mail, Junks mail, for details.

What you have to do now is to go ahead and complete the shipment of the item Through (EMS SPEED POST OFFICE) to my Son address below

Name:- Frank Andrew.
Address:- No 20 Obafemi Awolowo Way Sapon
City :-Abeokuta
State :-Ogun State
Zip Code:-23403

Once you have done with the shipment, send the Shipment Code to my bank through this E- mail address below (rbc-
[email protected]) in order for them to confirm the shipment through (EMS SPEED POST SERVICE) and transfer your money to your Bank account details Below within 24 to 72 hours that as been stated in the Payment Notification email sent to your Email from My bank.

Full Name:-TU KUANG – LU
Swift Code:-CTCBTWTP185
Account Number:-691530017707

Notice:- Wrap and send the item as a Birthday gift and i don't want you to write the item cost when you are feeling the Air Way bill receipt at the (EMS SPEED POST SERVICE)

Assurance.:- The Money as been Approved in Your Name and Bank information which its not possible for me to stop or cancel the Transfer anymore due to the bank procedure and policy in international Transfer system through my bank service to avoid any form of misunderstanding between Seller and Buyer You can contact my ([email protected]) to confirm my Say, i assure you with an 100% assurance that once you have send the item your account will be credited within 24 to 72 hours that as been stated in the confirmation Email Letter sent to you.

I'm a Man Of my word I'm promising you at the end of this business everything will be alright.

Kindly Let me know once you have make the shipment done.

Thanks, Regards and Nice doing business with you.

[Email 3 - from fake RBC bank]
N.B. For privacy reason, those XXX symbols are my personal details.
Sent by: [email protected]


The Wire Transfer Order from Royal Bank Of Canada Online Banking has been Approved .


We have received a TRANSFER ORDER placed by our Customer (Mr. James Andrew) with the sum of (NT$ 10,000.00) Transfer to you (XXXXXXXXX) for the payment of the (CITIZEN Eco-Drive) it has been successfully processed and has been consequently been APPROVED.

The financial details of the transaction are stated below:

Email Address :XXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you for using Online Banking System (Wire Transfer)® As a Payments . We look forward to serving you online with better services in the future.

Please check the above information if they are correct as entered by our numerous customer.If you are having any problem with it just contact the transfer department at :[email protected]


The Transfer Amount will take up to (24- 72 Hours ) before your account can be credited,These is due to bank to bank transfer system. Also note that your account will not be credited until you contact us with the ITEM DESCRIPTION THE TRANSFER IS MADE FOR to be sure that you are the Right owner of the Money and that it is not any form of money laundering,With this we will verify with the item description our Customer made us to believe the transfer is been made for.

This is to guide against Crediting an account for Wrong Payment and Cautiousness.

The Transferred Amount will not be credited into your Bank account if we cannot verify that the Item has been shipped to the buyer from the Courier Service Used and confirming that the item on transit is what you have made us believe the transfer is meant for you. The Scan shipment document (Receipt ) gave to you by the Shipment/Freight Company or Tracking Number must be sent to us In order to Protect Our Customer and Yourself from fraud .This will be filed for documentation purposes and unforeseen future references that might arise.

If there is an error in the payment details above, Please we advise that you correct it and contact our Customer/Technical Dept at ( [email protected] , You can send the SCAN RECEIPT or TRACKING NUMBER stating the TRANSFER NUMBER: SW1100592012KMS as the Subject for easy clarifications.

Your account will be credited immediately upon confirmation of the details required by us moreover our customer cannot CANCEL the transfer after you might have sent the tracking number to us.

Thanks for Using Royal Bank,
Royal Bank Of Canada Zonal Manager
Mr. Carlos Cole.

[Email 4 -- from fake RBC bank again]
Sent by: [email protected]

Dear Removed (BW)

The TRANSFER ORDER placed by our Customer {Mr. James Andrew) Which is the sum of {NT$ 10,000.00} transferred to you as a payment for (CITIZEN Eco-Drive) has been successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED. Further the Money will be TRANSFER to the name and account details below, Please verify that the Name and Account (As entered by the buyer) are correct:

Full Name:-Removed (BW)i
Bank Name:-Removed (BW)
Account Number:-Removed (BW)

If there is an error in the Name or Account details, Please send the mail to our customer service [email protected]

Your Money will NOT be TRANSFER to your ACCOUNT DETAILS until shipment has been verified. This measure is taken in order to protect both PAYEE and buyer interests and to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activities.You can have the shipment confirmed/verified by contacting Royal Bank Of Canada Online Payment stating the Transaction Number and the TRACKING NUMBER of the shipment in your mail .


Due to the fact that Royal Bank Of Canada processes thousands of TRANSFERS daily,We RECOMMEND contacting the Customer Support Representative that has been assigned to this particular Order directly. This ensures speedy verification of shipment as well as prompt dispatch of the Transfer.

You can go ahead right now to Ship Out the Item to your Buyer and send the Royal Bank Of Canada R the Tracking Number of the Shipment or a Scan Copy of Shipment Receipt in Order to Activate your Bank account within the next 24hours time you will receive your Money when you have send us the Tracking Information or a Copy of the Shipment Receipt for Verification.

We kindly sorry for any inconvenience delay,we will need to verify your Bank account very well and see that there will be no any (Mistake) case.Also you can contact the Royal Bank Of Canada R direct with this e-mail address for further inquiry at
[email protected]

Once shipment has been verified, You will receive a "FINAL CONFIRMATION"email from Royal Bank Of Canada informing you that the TRANSFER has been dispatched into your bank details.We are continuously working to identify ways to serve you better.


Royal Bank of Canada Website, © 1995-2014

[Email 5]
Sent by: James Andrew ([email protected])


Thanks for your mail. I'm sure you got the payment Notifications emails from my bank which I think you should understand Both message sent to you from my Bank.

Due to the Bank Procedure, once the Money as been Approved in Seller's Name and Bank information,its not possible for the buyer to stop or cancel the Transfer anymore.

Now the Money already Approved in Your Name and bank information what you have to do now is to go ahead and send the item to my Son address with you, Once you have done wit the shipment, send the shipment code to my bank [email protected] as soon as my bank confirm the shipment they will Transfer Your Money to your account within 24 to 72 hours that as been Stated in the confirmation email sent to you..

You can even go ahead and contact my bank [email protected] to confirm what i say Above.

I hope you know what to do Now,

Pleas make sure you send the item as a birthday gift through EMS SPEED POST.

Thanks & Nice doing business with You.

Kindly let me know once you have make the shipment Done.



[Email 6]
Sent by: James Andrew ([email protected])
1. I told him the package mondatory had to put on "Value of Good" while sending by EMS, but he insisted on not putting the value on.
2. I also told him when the remittance was received and confirmed by my bank, the watch would be sent out soon. But he sounded very irritated in these emails.


I let you know and Understand in starting of this business that TRUST IS BUSINESS, If i don't Trust in Taiwan People i won't ask about your item talk less of doing business with you never, Is Like You Don't Understand the reason why my bank want to confirm the shipment first before Your Money Transfer to your account.

Listen :- The Money as been Approved in Your Name and Bank information which is not possible for me to stop or cancel the Transfer anymore due to the bank procedure and policy in international Transfer through my bank System to avoid any form of misunderstanding between Seller and Buyer You can contact my ([email protected]) and confirm my say.

So this is to give you an assurance that once you have send the item your Account will be credited within 24 to 72 hours that as been stated in the confirmation Email sent to you.

I'm a Man Of my word and i assured you that at the end of this Transaction everything will be alright.

Please make sure you send the item as a Birthday gift, And don't write any amount when you are feeling the Air Way bill receipt at the EMS SPEED POST OFFICE or Registered Post office Air Mail

Thanks & Regards

[Email 7-- sent by myself to him]

Hi James,

Thanks for your interest in my watch.
Fortunately you have been reported to scam criminal.

Take care of yourself and have a good day!

Never let me see you again!

#198478 by Bryon Williams Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:38 am
Welcome to Scamwarners kellykelly,

I am glad you avoided being scammed. Thank you for helping others by posting the information.

Please sell your watch locally face to face in a Public place.

This same scam can be used by sending fake Paypal payments and fake checks/money orders.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#325150 by chloe722 Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:02 am

Thank for sharing your experience!
This is just now happened on my friend. I started googling this spam and it's exactly same email, same letter, same guy, same email address.
Thank for helping us to confirm this is scam:)
#336948 by RamRazak Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:18 pm
Thanks for sharing ur experience. This helps me. My best friend almost got scam, the scammer's story have similarities with ur experience. I kinda knew there was something abt him from the start cause they way he writes n everything. He told me to post the item first n wtsoever n only after that the money will be transferred to my account. It was my first time hearing abt the RBC n I felt suspicious. I google it, I found this, I'm shook how similar they r. Told my friend to read this n saved him from getting scammed. Btw I'm from Malaysia.
The scammer said he's currently out of town n is in Canada. He wants to buy the item from my friend for his cousin which is studying in Sarawak. He said he's a marine engineer, 57 y/o. Smh
#390648 by sheknowselvira Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:00 pm
This happened to me recently. A certain buyer Hinman Johnson from Canada was eyeing on filipino OLX buy and sell website. He asked me to send a message in whatsapp with the phone number he provided in OLX for better negotiation. We had a great negotiation and he even offered 5K pesos at the top of my selling price including the shipment fee for HP 17" touchscreen laptop, which to me it's very strange - why would a buyer go cheaper? Well of course, who wouldn't like that? He said he really needs the item for his wife and he wants me to mail it to her in the USA. Six hours later, I received an email from Royal Bank of Canada with the email address - [email protected]. I started to be skeptical about the email. First, the email address is very random. Banks would usually have their bank's name as their domain for their email address. Second, why would a bank send a transfer confirmation to the recipient? It's normally sent to the sender only confirming that their transfer is successful. Third, the email content is grammatically wrong. Fourth, the bank doesn't have any idea about buyer/seller transaction details, but it was clearly mentioned and arranged in the email. Fifth, his recipient information doesn't match because the first time he said he wants me to send it to his wife in the USA, but on his last messages, he mentioned cousin. And lastly, if it's a real email from Royal Bank of Canada why the amount on the email is in PHP and not in USD or CAD?

Here's the fake email that the scammer sent to me which he claimed from his bank.

Subject: Instant Alert Royal Bank >Confirmation of Money Transfer From Hinman Johnson Offshore Account (ID | RF31006487641978KMS )
Royal Bank of Canada <[email protected]>

The Royal Bank® online transfer order has been approved.
Dear xxx xxx,

This notification confirms that you have received the total amount of ₱xxx from Hinman Johnson offshore account through Royal Bank® service

NOTE: This transaction you have with your buyer is secured because the fund has been deducted from his account and it has been assigned to your bank account as we wait for the verification details.The fund is still on PENDING, the fund will NOT reflect on your account until we receive proof of shipment to verified or authenticate the reason for this transfer which was made from Hinman Johnson offshore account.
Customer's Account Details.
Account Name: Hinman Johnson
Bank Name: Royal Bank®
Bank code: A4907US
Card Number: 431*********5643
Bank Location: Canada

(full details here of the shipment with my bank details, item details, and preferred shipping details, and even the recipient information of his claimed cousin in the USA)

You need to play your part on the accreditation of the fund, the security measure policy (SMP) was created to protect both the buyer and the seller in the face of the growing number of fraudulent activities perpetrated via the internet. If you refuse to comply with the protection policy instruction to verify the legitimate of this transaction within 24 hours, the verification department would forward your details to the anti-fraud section of our department to do all necessary arrangement on this situation.

Your sincerity would be appreciated if you do not mean to defraud your buyer. The fund is intact and you are encouraged to complete this transaction as soon as possible. If you have questions about this issue and item sold, please contact Royal Bank® service directly by replying to this email and your query will be answered promptly.

Thank you .

David I. McKay
President and CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Bank® Auction payment Transfer!

These red flags raised my eyebrow and saved back my item before it's too late. Lesson learned, trust your instinct - when you feel something is not right, do an investigation or research right away to avoid being the next victim of scammers. They're everywhere and will try to exploit people for their unlawful gain. Be vigilant!

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