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#215164 by Hamptontikibars Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:59 pm
Hello, sorry for not properly introducing myself but I never thought I would have to resort to this.
Sorry this is a long post but I want to make sure no one else has to go through the headaches of what I want through and to protect themselves from such sick individuals that decide not work hard and save up and buy things they like but instead take advantage of eBay buyer protection and scam others.

eBay User hsandra63 (aka sara bee, aka sara bowler) was the high bidder on an auction for my Louis Vuitton bag, auction id 281393512530 which ended on 7/29/14 for the price of $1246.70 with shipping. At the time she only had a feedback score of 7, and one was a negative feedback for sending someone an empty box.

After not hearing from the buyer despite her bidding less than an hour before the auction’s end, she paid the following day but PayPal held the payment as pending and informed me not to ship until they cleared it, to which I complied.

It was after this payment cleared and I pulled up her shipping info that I noticed that the negative feedback had vanished and her feedback percentage had bumped up from a 75 percent to 100 percent

Being a bit concerned about the transaction I made sure to have the bag professionally packed and shipped with serial number notated both by photo and receipt from the UPS store.

Several day later the bag was signed for by someone with the name of Williams and later that day I received an eBay message stating that there was “damage in shipping” and the LV box was crushed and there were marks on the bag that she was “very upset by” and wanted to know “what we could do” which to me seemed suspect as they did not look like photos of damage that could occur in shipping

I made her aware that the item was insured and she thanked me and said she would let me know how that went. I then heard back that she would prefer that I handled it, which normally I would agree to but seeing as how I was certain that the damage was fake and most likely either another item which had heavy wear or some type of substance that she applied I looked into it. It was at this time that I checked the status myself through UPS and saw that when UPS attempted to inspect the bag she refused. When I asked about this, she stated that she must have been out. UPS confirmed that this was not the case but she had indeed refused, not once, but twice and then canceled the claim. She later backtracked and said her boyfriend had answered and didn’t know about the claim.

Becoming increasingly irritated, I decided to enter her PayPal email on google, and the first result was Bad Buyer Report. In this report, her name was listed as Bowler. Also, her area code was from Illinois, not Indiana, so I did a little bit of research. Apparently she has a history of different types of scams dating back to (at least) 2009, where I saw a post about her scamming hundreds of people on eBay. This was when she was still living in Dorsey, IL, fresh out of Edwardsville high school. By the way, good job making the honor roll every semester, jackass. Guess they didn’t teach you how to look yourself up on the internet before making eBay accounts.

After corresponding with her and getting nowhere and catching her in lie after lie, I contacted eBay and UPS to let them know what was going on. I then decided to check her feedback again and noticed that she left someone a negative feedback, I messaged her and found out that she cancelled Sara’s payment because she did a google search and found out she has scammed people before and would rather have the negative feedback then to lose out on $2000+ and the item. I kick myself in the butt for not being smarter!

While messaging each other back and forth, she mentioned that she had threw out the original packaging and was no longer able to get the bag inspected for insurance purposes and wanted to return the handbag back to me. I was already upset by her constant lies and excuse that I wanted more photos of the damage before I decided on what to do and I had to call eBay and ask them what was the next step I needed to take to protect myself, as I never have dealt with anything like this before.

Upon further inspection, the second set of photos she sent to me (8/8/14), I noticed the damage somehow got BIGGER than the first set three days earlier. I then printed out the pictures she sent me, and started comparing the damage and to my surprise (or not!) it didn’t match. She must have put some black vinyl substance on it, which was easy to wipe off and had taken it off after sending me the first set of photos thinking I wouldn’t have requested for more. Was it possible that the bag had some sort of flesh eating canvas disease and that was why the black substance kept getting bigger and bigger? Should I be worried and tell her that bag needed to be quarantined for the safety of other high end bags? I will probably never know what she put on this bag.

I’ve been calling eBay and UPS every day and updating them on anything new and sending them any information that is required for my case. I even spent the $7.00 to have CarolDiva authenticate the bag, just because she might pull the “it’s not authentic” card on me, even though I purchased this handbag at Louis Vuitton in Saks at Walt Whitman mall around August of last year.

Now eBay told me that the only way she will have a slight chance at anything is to submit the bag to UPS with the ORIGINAL PACKAGING and have them inspect the damage but how would that be possible if she toss out the box because she was not “aware” that she needed to keep it. Will the box magically appear when she snaps her fingers?

eBay called me to inform me that they had to refund her the money because she provided the tracking number. The sad part is that it sounded like they almost KNEW that she was scamming me but since there was nothing solid to confirm it, just tons of things to indicate that it was probably the case, they couldn’t do much to help. All he could do was say that they had to close the case due to eBay’s policy but that he wanted me to follow up with him once the item arrives. I guess she does have magical powers and was able to make the box reappear!

I just recently found out her old ebay username:sjk5187 and she has scammed 100's of people with fake ebay listings and not sending them their packages. Must have scammed over $10,000 dollars or so!

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Welcome to ScamWarners Hamptontikibars, I am sorry for the experience you had with this person. Thank you for the information you posted as hopefully it will help someone else who might be dealing with her/him.

This is not the typical Advanced Fee Fraud scam we deal with This is will help you understand what we deal with. This explains some of what We don't cover ..... (but we know people who do).

I hope Ebay can use some of their resources to catch and stop this person's criminal behavior. Sadly, the dollar amount is probably too "small" to get Law Enforcement involved. Thank you for posting.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.

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