Craigslist, Ebay and other online buying/selling scams.
#215711 by Michelle Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:37 am
Joe <[email protected]>

I am sorry for the late reply but I was busy with my work commitments and I couldn't check my email until now. I still have the car available for sale and it's yours to buy if you still want it. I'm working on an oil rig so pick up is not possible but I can have the car delivered to you anywhere in the UK by a delivery company for an additional £125. Since view or pick up is not an option, the sale will be completed using eBay's services as I have suggested in my previous email.
I have briefly described the transaction's steps below:

- you give me your full name and address for delivery to start the transaction using eBay.
- they send you ALL the info regarding the payment, delivery, buyer protection and refund policy.
- you send the payment to eBay and they inform me that the payment was received.
- I deliver the car.
- you receive the car and inform eBay about the acceptance.
- eBay releases the payment to me.

As you've noticed, you'll receive the car BEFORE any money is released to me. ONLY after you've confirmed with eBay that the car is as described and you have agreed to keep it, they'll release the payment to me.
If it isn't in immaculate condition like I said or something is not ok with it or for some other reason you decide not to keep the car, you can reject it and I'll take it back on MY EXPENSE and eBay will fully refund you.

In order to go ahead with the sale I need your full name and address for delivery and your landline/mobile number. Once the transaction is registered, eBay will send you ALL the info regarding payment and delivery.

Thank you,

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