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#217534 by Michelle Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:16 am
Please find below the invoice for your Vehicle Purchase, it contains all the needed information to complete the transaction.
Item and transaction details

Item: 1998 Compass Drifter 310
Mileage: 41,871
Colour: White
Price: £ 6,300.00
Deposit: £ 0,000.00
Outstanding Balance: £ 0,000.00
Invoice #: 301268084852
Invoice Date: 03/09/2014
Status: Transaction Started/Payment Pending
Inspection Period: 10 business days

Buyer's name: Michelle Banks
Buyer's shipping address: 419, Rue De La Remarks

Payment Terms:
Payment method accepted: Bank transfer, Electronic transfer, CHAPS/BACS payments
The payment will be sent to our company account.
The Buyer should submit the payment within 48 hours since the payment Invoice was issued.
If the Buyer is unable to proceed with payment as requested he should notify CDS-Express.

Account details for payment:
Account Name: CDS-Express
Account number: 43763749
Sort code: 20-92-60
Additional instructions: Reference Transaction #301268084852

The Buyer must confirm the payment.
Fax the bank receipt to 44 (203) 318-9263 or scan it and send it via e-mail ( [email protected] ).

The Buyer should allow payment clearance (usually 24 hours).
After the payment is cleared we will start the shipping and provide the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at destination.

Purchase Protection and Refund:

An inspection period of 10 working days will be given to the buyer to inspect the shipped vehicle.
The buyer may reject the vehicle within 10 working days and receive a full refund.
A full refund will be sent to the Buyer in maximum two days since he notifies CDS-Express that he will not keep the vehicle.
CDS-Express will have to make all necessary arrangements to take the vehicle from the Buyer's possession

Situations where an immediate refund will be sent to the Buyer:

* The vehicle doesn't accord to its listed description
* Paying for the vehicle and not receiving it;
* Paying for the vehicle and receiving a stolen one;
* Paying for the vehicle and receiving it with undisclosed damage;
* Paying for the vehicle and receiving it with an undisclosed lien against it or any other kind of debts or bank liabilities;
* Receiving a V5 that is not signed, is improperly assigned, or receiving a V5 but not being able to register the vehicle;

If you have any questions regarding the procedure or the steps to follow don't hesitate to contact us.
Direct replying to this e-mail (preferable contact option as a higher quantity of information can be sent/received).

Thank you for your purchase,

Financial Department


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