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#401231 by FishyMails Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:15 pm
From: Shelly [email protected]
Other email: [email protected]
Date: 2019-11-25 04:37:35-08:00
Subject: My dear,

My dear,
My name is Lt. Shelly. I saw your profile and became interested in
you, also having something very important to tell you, please send a
mail to me at ([email protected] ) and i will tell you that.
Lt. Shelly.

#401232 by FishyMails Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:17 pm
From: Shelly [email protected]
Date: 2019-12-05 01:32:20-0800


I am happy to receive your email and for real, i need a true love with full trust and honesty, my name is Lt. Shelly Eaton Goodman, a citizen of America, 35 years old and never married before, I joined United States Army Force 15 years ago, I am the US-DF combat intelligence commander who keeps watch over United States southern border. In the event of a terrorist infiltration, I and my soldiers are those responsible for detecting and thwarting an attack in so many countries before we were sent to this country, Libya.

So, i am now in Tripoli capital of Libya in North Africa with other 4 of my comrades from United States of America for a special contract assignment to train the Libyan women army about security as in my country United States of America ,I love people of optimistic, hardworking and truthfulness, I like meeting new people, traveling and helping people under humiliation, i also like sports, cooking and going to the beach, But only hate liars and deceivers, I have traveled to Iraq, Syria, Liberia, under peace keeping force and now in Tripoli, Libya, North Africa for training assignment,

But due to the high risk i have passed through in army field and my assignment with them here will soon be completed, i have decided to resign from being a military woman after this contract assignment and get married to build my own happy family, But i have some money$10,450,000 (Ten Million Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand united states Dollar only ) which i am intending to invest outside or in my country when i have resigned from duty, so please I need a sincere and trustworthy partner that will love me and marry me or stand as a business partner to me and receive the fund for future investment in a lucrative business and in a country that has peace, The money is presently deposited under a reliable security finance firm here in Libya , So please if you are interested on either of the two, marriage or business partner, kindly let me know for us to move ahead on planning, attached here is my pictures for you to know whom you are dealing with, i wish you too will send your real picture to me while replying this mail for me to know you in person.

I am waiting for your fast response,

With whole love,

Lt. Shelly Eaton Goodman.

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