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#403535 by Michelle Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:40 pm
From: melissa abdel <[email protected]>

My dearest,
Thanks for your reply again. How are you doing today with your family, i hope everyone is pretty fine and all things progressing accordingly. I was happy to see your willingness to help me, thank you very much. Off course, we have never met before but i have strong courage to partner with you. I give all thanks to God for connecting us together and i pray that everything shall work out successful. All i plead is transparency, consistency and courage. By the grace of God, everything shall be done peacefully.

I must continue to express the strong trust and love i have on you and i will not hesitate to reveal the detail information of my late father's fund in HSBC bank London united kingdom to you for necessary action. My desire is to leave this place as soon as possible, and i am happy that God has brought you for my rescue. I really wish to hear your voice and i will appreciate if you can try to call the reverend phone number again (+221 778857189 ) so that we can exchange voice.

You can see the bank contact information below, i will like you to contact the transfer officer of the bank (Mr. Smart Pardew ) to know the possibility of helping me transfer the fund into your account over there. I have made an attempt to claim the money before but the bank refused to grant my request because of my refugee statue. I was advised by Mr. Smart Pardew to seek for a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf and help me for a better management of the fund.

I confide you dear that's why i am giving you all this information, please do not fail me. I will allow 18% of the total money for you after the transfer while you will help me to invest the rest, please remain sincere and transparent to me. You have to contact the bank with below information, tell them that you are my foreign partner and you want to know the possibilities of assisting me to claim and transfer the 5.9 million US dollar deposited by my late father of which i am the next of kin to your account in your country. I have just informed the bank about you now, so feel free to write to the bank now, hopeful their will respond positively to you.

information of the bank are as follows,
Mr. Alan Smart Pardew

Email address ( [email protected] )
( [email protected] )

Telephone number ............ +447045798722
Next of kin......................... Abdel Melissa
Depositor.............................Abdel Fattah Younes
Amount............................... 5.9 million US dollars

Honestly, I am happy that God has brought you to save me from this execrable situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life Including investing this money.

As i told you before, this camp is just like a prison and I pray always to move out from here as soon as possible. Please make sure you contact the bank so that after the transfer you can send me some money to prepare my traveling documents to travel and meet with you and your family over there. I beg you to keep every information i am passing to you confidential. Don't let it get to the hearing of bad people who will cause disappointment to us. please keep it to yourself and don't tell anyone till the transfer is materialize. Hoping to Hear from you soon. Thanks and God bless you.

Yours lovely,

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