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Date: 2020-01-25 12:32:14+00:00

From Barrister David Rycroft, Legal / Admin Dept,
Contracts / Inheritance, Funds Recover Agency.
United Nations & European Union Collaborations-UK.
3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL,UK.
Tel: +4470-3199-5905.

Attn Beneficiary,

I am Barrister David Rycroft, Director of Attorney's on Funds Recovery Agency in collaboration with US Gov't, EU & United Nations for Contract payments, Charity / Humanity funds and Inheritance payment across the globe, this is base on the meeting held with world financial bodies, IMF, World bank, Governments & Non-governmental agencies / human right activists, the US, UN, EU came together to deliberates on the issues and complains by Foreigners and Contractors that are entitled to receive their due funds and the ill treatment melted on them while pursing their claims , which still unpaid till date and the huge amount of their hard earn money lost in pursuit of the claim of their unpaid funds without success. In context of such development, UN sees it right to be involved because we sees such act as misconducts/ misdeed and ill treatment to Humanity and for this, my office was set up to Investigate, Monitor & Recover funds that are trapped in most Bank's and Financial Houses across the globe.

In due of our official assignment we come in contact with your payment file, we have recovered the funds as well as the payment files hence we are in contact with you. In your file we found some irregularities and misconducts as it affects you as beneficiary, on our arrival we have come across some few document that hurt our imagination and we find it necessary to inquire if you are dead or alive because your file states you are dead, we confirmed a shocking news that you had a Fatal Accident that left you with a Broken Spinal Cord which impaired your ability to hear or speak. We have been officially informed that you are now invalid, Deaf and Dumb which occurred from the motor accident as confirmed by a written Affidavit submitted by your Next of Kin /Partner Mr. Jurg Leube and your lawyer Mr. Kenneth Augustus, said you have appointed them to oversee your transaction and have giving Mr. Jurg Leube Power of Attorney to claim your fund on your behalf and the fund should be released into the bank account they have presented below.

Bank: Schaffhauser Kantonalbank
Address: CH-8201 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Account No: 771.278.7.152 – (USD)
Iban No: CH43 0078 2007 7127 8715 2 (US-Dollars)
Bank Swift: SHKBCH2S.
Address: CH - 8212 Neuhausen Am Rheinfall, Switzerland.
Beneficiary: DEP IMMO LTD.

This information is provided to us by your Partner/ Next of Kin Mr. Jurg Leube with your Lawyer who also submitted a Sworn Affidavit that Mr. Jurg Leube is your Next of Kin, you appointed him to oversee this transaction and your fund should be release into the account they have presented in Switzerland as written herein. Furthermore, your lawyer and your Next of Kin has presented to us some documents to portray that you have Willed your funds to Mr. Jurg Leube and has given him a Power of Attorney to claim your outstanding funds accordingly. As soon as we hear from you we have other related issue which will be in your favor for the immediate release of your funds.

In view of the sympathetic and sensible nature of this report, we sympathize with you on your ill health condition, for this development we obliged to confirm this story from you before taking action in favor of your Next of Kin / Lawyer by writing you this email to know if you are valid of health or not, or we should release your funds to your chosen Next of Kin and funds to the bank account. Please confirm the validity of this report and state clearly whether you are invalid, deaf and dumb arising from your auto accident. To further convince us that you are alive or in good health and that you are very person that owns this fund I would prefer you email us immediately you receive this message otherwise, we will have no other choice but to act accordingly and release the funds to your Next of Kin Mr. Jurg Leube.

Expecting to receive your email.
Yours Faithfully,
Attorney: David Rycroft(UN).

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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