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#407620 by hallonkev Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:44 pm
from:Central Bank Of Africa <[email protected]>
date:Apr 2, 2020, 7:33 PM


Our Ref: CBA / IRD / CBAX / 889 / 2020.


I sincerely apologized for sending you this sensitive information via
e-mail instead of a certified mail, post-mail, telephone or face to
face conversation, it's due to the urgency and importance of the
security information.

My name is Mr. Marcel Ezeh The new Director Of Foreign Payment /
International Remittance, Central Bank Of Africa Sarl {CBA} This note
was taken in my office where one of our managers was serving
verification documents to two White men. Mr. Albert woods and
Mr.Robert Anderson who stormed our office on your behalf.

These two white men claimed to be your representative here and your
supervisory Engineer so they came to supervise your payment with our
Bank on your behalf and to claim your payment but because of their
inability to have paid at the agreed time. They said that you were
dead in Coronavirus and before your death, you appointed them as the
next of kin to
your compensation, Inheritance / Next of Kin payment presently under
our custody. these two white men and A black man quickly applied that
your payment should be present to them at spot.

The Officials that is responsible for the presentation of the
consignment quickly granted APPROVALS to their application and
packaged your payment for them to go with it. When the Ivory security
company & Sacc. Services Debit teams arrived and the note was
submitted to my desk for final Approvals before forwarding it to them
for endorsement, I noticed that there were discrepancies as there was
no evidence of authorization letter from you for the change of
beneficiary & information.

Myself as the New Director of Foreign Payment / International
remittance of The Central Bank Of Africa Sarl urgently summoned The
Officials responsible for the presentation of the consignment and
directed them to stop the movement of the funds and at the same time I
placed a stop order instruction on the funds pending when your views
and comments are received with regards to this matter?

Note! when reporting back to me do re-confirm your full information as
below for our perusal and file before we can be able to arrest them
and deliver your Consignment of Funds to you immediately through
diplomatic tunnel on non inspection route direct to your doorstep over
there, via an International Certified Bank check, ATM Swift Card or
through Bank to Bank Wire transfer any of your choice Viz:

(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Your Residence or Office address where the consignment can be
delivered to you immediately.
(3) Your Mobile Telephone Number for easy communication.
(4) Your Company's Name & Address {IF ANY}
(5) Sex / Age / Occupation.
(6) Your ID for proper identification, This is to avoid wrongful
delivery of your valued payment to wrong hand or wrong person.

(7) If you want the Funds transferred to you VIA Bank to Bank wire
transfer direct to any of your choice bank account any where in the
world, then you have to send us your below information:

(A) Full Name:
(B) House or Office Address:
(c) Direct Telephone Number:
(D) Bank Name:
(E) Bank Address:
(F) Account Number:
(G) Account Holder Name:
(H) ABA / Routing Numbers:
(I) Any Valid ID Card: Drivers License, National ID Card, Company's ID
Card or Copy of an International Passport.

Let us know the option you choose to receive your payment before we
can proceed!?!?!? as indecision and delays are the parents of failure
so avoid them now If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone
forever. sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that
involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed as delay is the
enemy of progress. Thank you!

Confidentiality: information acquired during our work for you will not
be disclosed unless where properly authorized by you or where we have
a legal duty to do so. We will also never use your information in a
way that might unfairly advantage either party, not will we give your
data to any third party for financial gain or not. we value the trust
and partnership that we have with out you and look forward to a very
satisfying and productive working relationship. we are looking forward
to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Marcel Eze.
The New Director Of Foreign Payment /
International Remittance Dept.
Central Bank Of Africa Sarl {C.B.A}
Address: CBA House, Cotonou,
Republic Du Benin W/A.

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