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#407627 by AlanJones Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:33 pm
From: MONEY GRAM - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +22966361222

Attention: Beneficiary,

I write to inform you that we already issued those documents to
accompany your $5,000 payment each day. But the only problem we are
having right here is your personal signatures which the Federal
Administer of Fund Benin Republic requested that you must sign those
documents before we can transfer funds to you as the Economy is fast
dwindling due to the Corona vrus pandemic outbreak. However, I told the
officer in charge that it will not be necessary for you to come down
here due to the Covid-19 case. The Minister Administrator of Fund said
that you should get an attorney to sign on your behalf since you are
unable to come down here in person.

I think this way is the best and the only way forward for you to
receive the funds. I have negotiated with an attorney who would sign on
your behalf. His name is Samuel Hector. According to him you are to pay
for the accredited attorney. He is charging $220.00 to be paid before
he gets those documents signed in your favor. I told him to consider
signing those documents on your behalf today because of the urgent need
of money in this sit at home with a promise that you would pay him back
from the first $5,000 payment you suppose to receive tomorrow morning
if he gets those documents signed today.

And his respond is that you have to pay the accredited attorney fee of
$220.00 before signing those documents. Well, I asked him for the very
last time if he could allow you pay half of his fee today with a
promise that you would pay him the Remain balance tomorrow from your
$5,000 payment at the Money Gram office once you pick up the $5,000
payment. Well, He said that you should pay the half of the fee $110.00
through western union or sending a gift card equivelant to the aount
fee needed
today. He want me to ask you if you would be so kind to pay him back
the remain $110.00 balance at the Money Gram office once you picked up
the $5,000 pay out each day. I am hereby writing this to ask you to let
me know if you would pay his balance immediately you pick up the $5,000

He wants you to pay half of $110.00 today if you are so kind to pay the
balance at the Money Gram office once you picked up the $5,000 payment
tomorrow. But if you are not kind enough to pay his balance after
picking the first transfer just do not bother yourself not to reply
because I won’t see another attorney here to do this. Here is
information for you to pay $110.00 half of his fee through western
union today.

Send the half of the fee $110.00 today via Money Gram or Western Union;

1. Receiver Name: ======= Charles Djossou
2. City=============Benin Republic.
3. Country: ==========Cotonou.
3. Question=============who is Able
4. Answer: =============God
5. Amount: =============US $110.00

The attorney will get those documents signed as soon as he confirms the
half of his fee from you. I will advice you to pay him the half of
$110.00 and let him sign the documents and you will then pay the other
balance of $110.00 form your $5,000 payment.

I await your compliance.
Mr Hector Giroud,
Money Transfer Department

Email; ([email protected])
Tel Phone +229-66361222;

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