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From: Mr. Joe Aka - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +2348138107044

PHarcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya St,
Area II, Abuja

Dear Fund Beneficiary.

We wish to announce to you that one of our big customers sent some
huge amount of money in your name for the settlement of your long
awaited funds. This amount is

valued at Forty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand US.Dollars
49,500,000.00(Fourty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand US.Dollars).

Also following the protest of the International Community, The World
Bank, IMF and the instruction by the President and Commander in Chief
of the armed forces

(President Muhammadu Buhari) that all outstanding foriegh debts
especially next of kin,Lottery Winnings and Contract payments should
be released to beneficiaries

forthwith unconditionally.

To this regards we have opened up an escrow account for this payment
process, and have arranged your funds for immediate payment to you
forthwith and unconditionally

we have taking all this strict measures to safeguard the amount
involved so that no other person can have access to this funds except
you and we shall transfer the

money to your account immediately,as we have been instructed to make
sure that this payment gets to you forthwith and unconditionally.

Be informed that you have been approved to receive payment and that we
have scheduled three payment channels to handle this bulky payment to
you,you are to choose from

the below 4 lists payment procedure which you will like to receive this payment.

1. We can convert the funds to an A.T.M and send to your address , if
you choose this payment process, then confirm your address where you
want the A.T.M card sent

to,as soon as the A.T.M card is sent we shall send you the tracking
number so that you will know when exactly the card will reach you.

2.(Bank Of America counter payment)In this process you can go to any
Bank Of America location fill out a withdrawal slip with the encrypted
details we shall send to

you and withdraw your money in cash. Note , that the maximum
transaction permitted in the above account on a daily bases is only
$15,000.000 if this amount is exceeded

,then your account will be freezed inline with the Bank Of America
Banking Policy Rules And Regulation

3.Online banking payment procedure ,In this process an online account
will be set up for you with our sister bank in the U.S.A,and the whole
funds will be deposited

into this account,after that you will be provided with the bank login
details so that you can login into the bank website and then transfer
to any account of your

choice while sitting back home on your PC(personal computer),in this
process you can transfer a dailiy limit of $200,000.00 on a daily
bases and more depending on the

limit your account can receive on a daily bases,this amount can be
increased after the first transfer.

4.Direct Bank to bank transfer from our local bank here in Nigeria,
our mother bank the Central bank Of Nigeria, Once money is transferred
we shall send you the

payment slip for you to go to your account and confirm it,the maximum
paid in this process is(US$250,000.00)

It is very important for you to note that before any of this payment
process can be attempted you need to pay for a release order
certificate which costs only $98 .So

before any of this money can be released to you must provide a release
order certificate this document cost only $98,and you have to send by
Western Union Money

Transfer with the below information, Note If you have be block to send
through Western Union or Ria, Just use the $100 and Buy Itunes Card
and SCRATCH it and send us

Picture, Then we can get the $100 eith the Itunes Card $100.

Country ...........Nigeria

As soon as you send the fees email the M.T.C.N Number city and Country
where money was sent from so that we can commence the payment process

By doing this ,there will be no way for you to tell any stories or
complain that you did not receive your funds,because if you fail to
receive your fund this final

time it is your fault ,as the funds has totally been placed under your
power and control,as you will confirm the funds under 48 hours as soon
as you pay for the

release order certificate,and please bear it in mind that this is the only
certificate you need to obtain.

All you need to do at this moment is to Obtain your release order
certificate which we will issue to you immediately as soon as you send
the $98 ,so that we can

confirm that you are the final benefactor as soon as you provide this
certificate we shall release your funds to you immediately ,in
alternative . Be made aware of the

fact that this is the last payment for this year,if you do not receive
your funds now then be informed that you might not receive it again or
it has to be postponed

untill the next quarter which is September next year ,and before then
your payment might be tampered with or your payment files misplaced
making you spend unnecessary

money . As a paying institution we advice you take advantage of this
payment because you might never have such an opportunity again, as the
payment has been upgraded

to our servers so that you can finally have your funds without any
futher hinderance delay or Bank Protocol.

The required certificate that will enable you obtain your funds can be
obtained from us ,this certificate cost $98 only,you are to proceed to
a Western Union agent to

send the fees as soon as you receive this email so that we can issue
the document immediately release funds through any of the payment
procedures you choose, as this

is the only way that this document can be obtained because of the
urgency of this matter

You are to follow his advice strictly if you want to receive your
funds, note that we are very busy people and if we notice any
UN-seriousness in you we might be

forced to abandon your transaction.Your are also to respond to this
email with with your full name,telephone,occupation,position at
work,fax ,telephone ,mobile number

and attached with a copy of your Id, because if your data is not
complete we shall not respond to your communications..

Note:That This is the only requirement that is needed for you to start
accessing and controlling your funds finally. We wait for you to
acknowledge our mail and don;t

forget to send the fees $98 to the above information for the RELEASE
ORDER CERTIFICATE and email us the M.T.C.N number and a scanned copy
of the Western Union slip for

record and reference purposes when responding to his email to enable
us release your long awaited funds to you.

Finally be informed that you have only but 24Hours from today to
obtain the document and do the first transaction from , failure to
comply with this instruction will

result to us abandoning your transaction and the funds returned to
where they are coming from .

Please do not bother responding to this email if you can not meet the
requirements,as any email receive that is not in accordance with our
demands will be totally



Mr. Joe Aka(DL)234-81 38 107044)
PHarcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya St,
Area II, Abuja

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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