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From:international monetaryfund • [email protected]
Date:Jun 2, 2020, 18:23

EMAIL CONTACT: [email protected]

Attn. Mr. Rafaqat Rstar

Introduction International Finance Bank is a Florida State Chartered
FDIC insured Commercial Bank, it was organized in Miami in 1982 by a
group of local businessmen with a former name of Westchester Bank, and
it has been providing community-banking services to the South Florida
region for over 20 years and other affiliated branch offices all over
the world.

I Mr. Martins Fara the appointed chairman/CEO of the affiliated
office in Burkina Faso with the central bank (BCEAO)

Am hereby to bring to your notice today been Monday 2nd of June 2020
I Mr. Martins Fara the appointed chairman/CEO IMF BANK affiliated
office in Burkina Faso with the central bank (BCEAO) governor and the
Minister of finance and all the board of trustees held meeting in
regards to the release of your compensation fund held for a long time
now without been transferred into you’re your nominated bank account.

Base on the meeting held today in regard to the new Financial
regulatory policy of the world bank general and I have made the
central bank (BCEAO) governor and the Minister of finance and all the
board of trustees to know the implication of holding someone fund
ransomed for a long time without been release base on the huge amount
of tax or fees level over the beneficiary to pay before he can
received his or her fund into his nominated bank account.

The reason why I have contacted you today is to inform you that you
are free to claim over your compensation fund 800,000,00usd without
any delay again as the legal beneficiary.

But before we can go along to the release of the fund base on the
instruction from the world bank as the legal beneficiary you are
require to pay only a token fee sum of 99 EUROS as the legal PC fee to
prove you are the real beneficiary of the said fund (800, 000, 00USD)
that is under the custody of the central bank (BCEAO) Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou, which has been transferred into our bank custody on your
behalf as the beneficiary.

Secondly you are require to send us your scanned copy of your
international passport of or national ID card for personal
clarification , your complete address of home and office ,including
your mobile phone number and home.

Finally you are advice to send your full details of your receiving
bank account information where you want the fund to be transferred
direct to you as the legal beneficiary and including the PC FEE of 99
EUROS ONLY, and bear in mind that you are not require to pay any other
fee for what so ever to receive this fund once you have paid the PC
FEE as the official and last payment requested by the world bank
Switzerland as the legal beneficiary to received the fund into your
nominated bank account and you are given 72 hours to make sure that we
receive all the whole requirement to avoid cancelling your transfer
already signed.

Noted, That this PC FEE cannot be deducted from the principle fund
base on the instruction from the world bank Switzerland and that is
only prove to show that you are the real beneficiary of the said fund
which you have lay claim over it.

Once the confirmation of the needed requirement from you as the
beneficiary is been received including the PC FEE 99 EUROS your fund
will be transferred into your nominated bank account with a signal
alert which you are going to receive in your mobile phone for the
confirmation of the transfer into your nominated bank account.

You are directed to make the payment the PC FEE 99 EUROS through
Western Union money Transfer or Money Gram in the receiver name below

Receiver Name: Martins Fara
Country Destination: Burkina Faso
City: Ouagadougou
Address: 1, BP 2514 OUAGADOUGOU

Once you made the transfer to the above receiver name make sure that
you send us the scanned copy of the transfer payment slip or the
reference code MTCN Number for proper confirmation of the transfer.

You are kindly advice to contact us as soon as possible once you have
receive this mail to enable us to proceed ahead without any further

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Martins Fara,
International Monetary Fund. (IMF) BF.

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