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#411452 by hallonkev Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:02 am
From:Corona virus (COVID-19 Compensaction funds • [email protected]
Reply-to:[email protected]
Date:Jun 3, 2020, 09:58
Subject:Corona virus (COVID-19 Compensaction funds


Greetings to you.

I am sending this message as last for you because this is getting to
three times i have sent you this message just to maintain my
reputation. This is to inform you once again that the Federal Supreme
Council of the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with United States
Department of the Treasury and European Union and Africa Union is
compensating all Corona virus victims with $100.000.00 United States
Dollars each after a UN Conference Meeting was held over the issue of
the corona virus.

Your first name and email address was mentioned to the Federal Supreme
Council of the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with United States
Department of the Treasury Secret Service as one of the victims whom
the corona virus affected if not by contacted then it caused you
lockdown which you loses a lot.Meanwhile this Compensation department
has been mandated by the authority to transfer your compensation funds
to you through ATM Card which is 100 % Guarantee for payment to you as
one of the victim.

The compensation committee has committed to funding compensation until
the end of this year "in those situations where both the Victims
and their payment service provider met the required standards set out
in the code". The managing director for the Payment Systems Regulator,
the body which facilitated the new voluntary code said victims would
now receive better money for start life and well protection. We're
particularly pleased that the steering group has been able to navigate
and agree a way to compensate those victims when victim affected by
the virus or being lockedown, "This was a tough issue that rightly
involved much discussion, but the Committee have done the right thing
for their citizens in backing this measure.

You are hereby advised to contact the compensation committee to
receive your Compensation $100.000.00 United States Dollars without
further delay on this email address;/([email protected])
forward the below details to the compensation

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your Age:
3. Occupation:
4. Cell/Mobile Number:

Note that compensation committee has mandatory that you as right
beneficiary should only send $250 to compensation committee office in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates for reactivating, legalizing and renewal
of the secret pin Code number which you will use making withdrawal of
your fund from ATM Machine in your Country immediately your ATM Visa
Card is deliver to you. Be Rest assured that it is only fee you need
to pay till your ATM Card is deliver to you. Many people from
America,Asia and Europe has received their $100.000.00 United States
Dollars Coronavirus (COVID-19) compensation since Monday. First
comply,,first to serve. Do not blame any body if you failed to comply
which may warrant your name to be misplace in the list. Comply now ask
compensation committee address for you to send the $250 0nly to them.
Yours in Service.

Anticipating your urgent cooperation in other to receive your payment.

Thank You.
Haruno sharif
Mr. Don Williams
Communication Secretary,

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