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From: Dewi Ariani <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 03:51:09 -0700
Subject: My greetings to you.

My greetings to you.

The whole wide world is now a single community where everyone can meet
and transact business/investments together; courtesy of the modern
information technology.

I am a well experienced international consultant on offshore finance
and investments.

My client has directed me to search and recommend an experienced
reputable investment partner that will be able to manage some huge
amount of money slated for investments.

I am of the opinion that you have the experience and the ability
required because of the big volume of money involved.

It is my wish that my client will accept you as his investment partner.

I will send you more details after your response.


Mr. John O. Wagner

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From: "John Okeji Wagner" <[email protected]>
Reply-to: [email protected]
Date: 2020-06-02 3:21:36 PM +01:00
Subject: Re: My greetings to you.


Your response is hereby acknowledged.

The ideal thing is for me to explain the proposed transaction to you beginning from the origin.

The origin of the proposed transaction is explained below; so read carefully, understand it very well then decide if you want to partner or not.

Please note that this very particular transaction requires absolute secrecy and confidentiality.

Some years back in 2009, there was an investment in bearer shares/bond done through a company in the United Kingdom by a very closed associates of former president of Sudan.

He invested £500,000,000.00. (Five hundred million GBP).

The name of the person that brought this deal is Mr. Ahmed Suleman, he is from Sudan and he is related and was a very close confidant of the late investor who was a close ally to the former president of Sudan; Omar al - Bashir.

Fortunately for him, before the investor died, even before the company was dissolved on purpose, Mr. Suleman was the only person or family member that knew about the £500M. bonds/bearer shares investment and its details as well and Mr. Suleman want it remains that way even after the transaction is concluded successfully.

I met this young man (Mr. Ahmed Suleman) in the USA some years ago and I have consulted on two projects for him successfully so we became closed and our relationship is very sound and trustworthy.

He is the person that brought this transaction to me. I asked all the necessary questions and got all the answers I wanted perfectly clear so I decided to handle the transaction.

I had meetings with the lawyer representing the holding company in UK and all parties I needed to talk to.

After all set and done, I was mandated by all parties to handle the transaction and work with the lawyer representing the holding company but myself and the lawyer must keep the Identities of all other parties secret and off records.

Myself, the lawyer and my contacts in the financial circles in Europe and in the United Kingdom have concluded all plans and strategies to convert/discount the bonds shares to liquid cash and thereafter effect the funds transfer in batches to the nominated bank account of the approved investing partner in any part of the world that the funds would be used for investment therein.

I am pushing for you to be accepted and approved as the investing partner and your commission will be 15% for helping to finance the process as well as the money coming to your bank account/bank accounts.

You will transfer back 20% of £500m to the nominated bank account that I will give to you from Mr. Suleman.

The 65% that would be kept in your bank accounts will be used for investments to be managed by you and to be supervised by you and myself representing Mr. Suleman & co.

You will be given 20% of the yearly profits after tax for managing the investments accordingly.

All these and more is contained in the agreement (NDA) to be signed by Mr. Ahmed Suleman (Representing the First Party) and your self (Representing the Second Party).


It is advisable that we use WhatsApp calls for our telephone conversation instead of direct telephone calls; WhatsApp phone conversation is an end to end encrypted conversation.


These precautionary measures are strictly for security reasons.

This is the much I can possibly explain to you for now.

I will send you the specific/step by step plans and process for the execution of the transaction thereafter.

Please confirm if you are interested to partner for us to move forward together.


Mr. John Wagner

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From: "John Okeji Wagner" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-06-03 9:32:19 AM +01:00
Subject: Re: My greetings to you.


Thanks for confirming your interest in my proposal.

Below are the plans and process to get the transaction done successfully without issues during and thereafter.

The total value of the bond/bearer shares is £500,000,000.00 (£500M.) in £1M nominations.

You need not worry about anything or the stress of converting/discounting the bonds/bearer shares by yourself/your bank because the transaction and its whole process is going to be handled by experienced experts to ensure a risk free during and after the transaction.

All the conversions/discounting process is going to be done in Europe.

Funds transfer (for investments) is coming to your bank account or your various bank accounts in any part of the world in batches as would be advised by you.

You don’t need to worry about documents for source of funds or purpose of funds to your bank because that issue has been taken care of during the planning process.

The £500M. will be transferred to your account as money for investment purposes.

Do not forget that you are the investment manager and that is exactly what is stated in the agreement to be signed by both parties.

The funds transfer to your account will not mention proceeds from bonds/bearer shares/bank instruments hence Europe is not issuing new bonds/bearer shares anymore for now.

The officials in the European financial system that are to do the job smoothly are entitled to 10% of the £500m. (Please this is a Highly confidential information and must be treated as such).

The agreement is a two party agreement (First party and second party).

My client Mr. Ahmed Suleman will sign as the representative of the First party and not as the owner of the money while you will sign as the representative of the Second party being the investment manager.

We have taken adequate security measures in all aspects into consideration during the planning stages so you basically have nothing to worry about.

Send me the following information at your earliest convenience.

1. Your name in full

2. Your Address

3. A copy of your International passport or personal ID.

4. Your direct phone and WhatsApp numbers

5. Suggest three different types of profitable investments/business that you will be able to manage.

6. Give a brief profile of your person and your net worth.

7. Any other information that might further promote your capacity, capability and trust.

8. Your receiving bank account details now.


Mr. John O. Wagner

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From: "John Okeji Wagner" <[email protected]>
Tel: +447520634776
Date: 2020-06-05 7:20:14 PM +01:00
Subject: Re: My greetings to you.


Your requested information is hereby acknowledged with thanks.

You are free to keep your bank details pending when the funds is ready to be transferred to your bank account.

We have taken time to evaluate your interest and capacity to handle the transaction as well as investing the funds to yield good returns on investment as expected.

Considering the above, I have made my recommendations and my client has given his approval for me to work with you on conditions that you do what is required of you financially to move the transaction forward otherwise my client would be left with no other option than to replace you with a more ready and willing partner.


What am bringing to the table is huge and beneficial to all parties involved so I need your full cooperation.

I am over 70 years of age and I am well experienced as a consultant on offshore finance and investment.

I have been consulting for well over 30 years so my experience and contacts is solid and very reliable.

I will open up the full information of this very particular transaction for you to understand and appreciate fully the opportunity before your very self.


The holding company was dissolved on purpose after using the company to acquire the bonds shares in the year 2009.

They dissolved the company to avoid tax or any trace to the £500m. investment by the government of Sudan or any government agency.

The very first thing in the whole process would be that the lawyer representing the holding company must get the company reactivated to operational standard.

This is where money is urgently required for immediate expenses and I will let you know the amount required later.

The lawyer will carefully calculate the cost of annual returns, tax clearance certificate etc etc before sending the bill.

I will later explain the above in a more detailed format for you to understand properly.

During the planning process, we have taken into consideration; every security aspects bordering on source of funds, purpose of funds, covering documents from the final sending bank to final receiving bank (your bank).


After completing all the process of converting/discounting of the bonds/bearer shares bank instruments to liquid money, then the funds would be moved from Europe - bank A to another country - bank B before moving the funds finally to your country - bank C - your nominated bank account/accounts.

This action is to ensure that nobody, no government agency from Sudan will be able to trace the money to your bank account because bank B will terminate and close everything after all the money is moved to bank C - your nominated bank account/accounts.

We have negotiated and agreed with bank B to send the money in batches to your nominated bank account/accounts (bank C) in any part of the world with covering documents from bank B that declares the legality of the source of funds and purpose of funds.

I will later send you the following:

*Name of the holding company
*Some copies of the bearer shares/bonds
*Copy of the Agreement
*Form AP01 (Appointment of company directors form)

More related information will come your way later.

Please feel free to call my WhatsApp number if you need more information or clarification regarding the transaction.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail.


Mr. John Wagner
+44 7520634776 (WhatsApp calls only - This is strictly for security reasons).

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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