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Date:Jun 4, 2020, 04:23


I presume this e-mail message/e-mail letter will come to you
as a surprise or it may not if you have followed the COVID 19
Economical Devastating effect and World Bank Stimulus
Approach to the effect of COVID 19 on the global economy
over the media.Though, it has been ascertained/confirmed
that unscrupulous individual’s takes advantage of people’s
ignorance on their right/entitlement most often to divert
What is not theirs.

Following the COVID 19 economical devastating effect, the
World Bank released a Supportive Financial Effect to rebuild
the Global Economy via Global Compensation Platform where
all financial institutes Stakeholders held a meeting and come
to a consensus of $3,500,000:00 to lucky individuals via e-
mail lucky selection information contacts .With this
CONSENSUS AGREEMENT, the individual selected are to provide
needful details.and in your responds,we will give you the
payment Bank contact.

Note ; all benefactors of the Benefits are to be paid via
distancing guide to save lives and stop the CORONA VIRUS
pandemic spread.

Thanks for your cooperation

Yours sincerely
Dr Ronald Good
[email protected]
Coordinator Compensation Committee

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