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#413456 by DeborahB Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:57 pm
From: Mr.Peter Leshaba.

Email: ([email protected])

Tel: +2778-026-9501.

#142 Highlands North Balfour Park

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Attention: Sir/Madam,


I am sincerely seeking for your confidence in this transaction, which I propose as a person of integrity.

I am Mr.Peter Leshaba, a native of Western Cape in the Republic of South Africa and a deputy director under the department of minerals and Energy (contract award committee). I got your contact details from the South Africa Exchange Information On-line Service (S.A.E.I.S) in my search for a reputable company or individual to assist me sincerely and confidentially, which your information and profile proved very satisfactory, so I decided to contact you immediately.


To be our silent partner and receive the funds as the sole benefactor to the contract amount which we shall secure all legal documentation to authenticate our claim and put you through as the beneficiary/contract executor.


The said money came from an over-invoiced contract for the refurbishment of mines and supplies in Kruger Gold Mine sector in the year 2014 before the world cup event by a foreign contractor, Mr. Charles Lewis (now deceased). The contract which was valued at Eighty Two Million United States Dollars (US$80M) was over invoiced to amount of Ninety Seven Million, Five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$95.5M) The said contract was executed in the same year 2012 and has been fully paid up leaving the over-invoice amount of the sum of Fifteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only (US$15.5M) only. This amount would be transferred to your designated bank account upon your response and approval.


(1) Your direct Telephone and Fax numbers. (2) Your personal company / Work/Business profile and address.


I am willing to offer you 30% of the total proceeds for your participation and assistance the balance 70% would be for me which can be invested through you in your country or elsewhere.


All modalities for the transfer of this fund have been put in place and I am using this opportunity to assure you that the transfer process is entirely risk free and I am trusting that you partner with me without any bias of mind and with full trust. Please kindly reply through this email address: [email protected] I am anticipating a favorable reply from you soon as a future partner in this business.

Yours faithfully,

Mr.Peter Leshaba.


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