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#413492 by Troy Platt Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:08 am
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 14:35:34 +0000 (UTC)
From: Mr Coma Kari <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]


Very bad news to hear that you died in cause of the terrible Corona-virus but we still not believe but if it is true a honestly confirmation from this email will highly appreciated because according to the news from MR.Chori Eminoster and MR.IAN KIRBY to our office on Friday July 3rd 2020 that you died in cause of the terrible Coronavirus on Friday 3rd July 2020 Please we are very very sorry for the families and relatives if this news is real, because it is a very big bad news to my ear after our agreement that you will look for the fee for your fund transfer, well let God Almighty take control for every thing and let your heart rest in peace Amen. The reason of sending this message to this email is to know if someone around you will confirm to us from your email if you are truely dead or not because the two men want to claim your family United Nations compensation fund in a bank here in Benin Republic $7.8Million USD which is belong to the owner of this email address and your entire families as UN scam victim compensation payment to you and your family,

And again after hearing the bad news MR.IKEMU EMERITI went to the Police and reported the Case to them and he said that you are dead, so the Confirmation i need from you today or any one around this email address to tell us if the two men claiming to be you relative is right that you have died, please if not real reply with your full information name and your delivery address and call me to speak with you to be sure that you are alive to avoid releasing your fund to them as they claimed to be because they are ready to pay requested charges

Meanwhile Our Government and Federal Committee Office of foreign payment want you to come down to Benin Republic if you are alive and Sign this fund to the Federal Hign Court Benin if you still Alive or Attorney will sign it for you, then you will bear the cost. if Attorney Sign it on your behalf here it will cost you $55 dollar only. and again try to Contact this Email it is email address of the official delivery agent that will accompany your fund delivery to your home address in your country as an official delivery without stopping or demanding anything from him by your country Government, His name Mr Michael Burgess His email([email protected]) and send the $55 dollar to him with this information so that Attorney will Sign it for you before you will receive the fund or you will Come Down to Benin Republic by yourself and sign that you are Alive before the fund will deliver to you as you like weather ATM card or Money Gram or western union or transfer direct to your Account let me know Immediately you send the require fee of $55 dollar to our official agent Mr Michael Burgess,

Send the fee through Western Union / Money Gram / Ria or world remit or you can use it purchase iTune Card / Steam Wallet Card or Google play card Today, because after today those two men will pay the cost to claim the fund. Call me here +22962003484 if you are alive and ready for your payment.

Receiver name------TCHIDI NAMGUNG
Rue-08-BP-1052/Sakouba Adjarra
Country----Benin Republic
country code------00229
Text Question—------A
Text Answer-----------B
Amount To Send------$55.00
Full Sender Name----------
Reference Number Or Mtcn-----------
Receiver Phone +22966677660

Send the require fee $55 via Western Union / Money Gram / Ria or world remit, even to pay to our bitcoin account is allowed, any one of your choice,

Mr Coma Kari and my email [email protected]
Foreign Remittance Officer
Benin Republic

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